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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Claudia Black

Claudia Unbound
David Bassom, Stargate SG-1 Official Magazine #04, May/June 2005

Claudia Black
Throughout Prometheus Unbound, viewers are left guessing as to whether Vala (played by Farscape's Claudia Black) is a villain or a heroine. Black feels that the ambiguity that surrounds her character creates a lot of potential for Vala's six-episode story arc at the beginning of Season Nine.

"We really don't know yet about Vala," she explains." I think Daniel Jackson finds her very frustrating. I don't think he feels he can trust her much, but he does find her intriguing and I think he respects her ability. So I think she's going to be an interesting character to watch in Season Nine."

Season Nine will also feature Claudia Black's leading man from Farscape, Ben Browder, in a new regular role as a military hero who becomes involved in SG-1. Black has no doubt that her former co-star will prove to be a fine addition to Stargate SG-1.

"They are so lucky to have Ben," she states." I actually don't know if they realise how lucky they are yet. Ben's energy knows no bounds, so I think he's going to run them ragged. He's got the spirit and the enthusiasm as a performer of someone a third of his age."

Many viewers have already noted the physical similarities beween Browder and longtime Stargate SG-1 star Michale Shanks, and Black is only too aware of what they're saying." They do look alike," she agrees with a grin." It certainly was weird for me to walk onto the Stargate SG-1 set and see Michael in an almost identical costume to what Ben wore on Farscape! I'm sure there will be some tongue-in-cheek comment on the show on their similarity. One of the joys of Stargate SG-1 is that there's a lot of tongue-in-cheek humour."

"The one thing Michael and Ben really do have in common is that they take their work as actors very seriously. I also think that their way of working is very similar; they're both very professional and both very technically proficient. And I think they'll be delighted to find those qualities in each other. I'm very happy they're getting a chance to work together. I know they have met, and Michael spoke very highly of Ben, so they'll give each other a run for their money and I know they'll have a lot of fun together. And I'm sure the onscreen chemistry between the two of them is going to be phenomenal."

In addition to appearing alongside Michael Shanks, Browder seems destined to appeare opposite Black in Stargate SG-1 - and that's one reunion Black is excited by." It will be nice to do something with Ben where I have the opportunity to be a lot more playful," she notes." Our characters could even hate each other! That would be fun."

As excited as she is about what the future holds for Shanks and Browder, Claudia Black is even more thrilled about what Stargate SG-1's ninth season has in store for Vala. She has relished her Stargate SG-1 experience to date, and feels that Vala could captivate viewers like never before during the coming year.

"I do believe Vala is an interesting character and there's room for her to grow," she declares." There are just lots of possibilities for the character, and I think she's going to be fun to watch. I know the show's producers were very clear about her back-story and where she came from but not all of that was revealed in Prometheus Unbound, so I think there's a lot of scope for her in Season Nine."

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