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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Claudia Black

Back in Black
Sharon Gosling, Stargate Official Magazine Issue 12, September/October 2006

Claudia Black

Question: During the break, of course, you gave birth to your son. How are you finding being back at work with the baby?

"If Amanda Tapping hadn't had her daughter first, I don't know if I would have been convinced it was possible. I'll be interested to see how I'm feeling midway through the season, because it's incredibly tough to do two things like this. I was always worried about having a baby because I love my sleep, and I was worried I'd be a horrible person without it [laughs]. But it's obviously a tribute to the show, these people, and Vala, that I'm entertained sufficiently every day to forget about the sleep deprivation!"

Question: How has Vala changed between seasons nine and 10?

"I think what we've always been concerned about is Vala becoming a one trick pony. She can't jsut be a girl with a punchline. So we've all been conscious of trying to expose more of her vulnerability and Joe actually came up to me, and said, "I saw the dailies from yesterday, and I wasn't expecting Vala to be so upset and so vulnerable." And I said, "Yeah, of course she is." She really wants to belong, adn there's a moment where she doesn't, and I chose to really play that sincerely on Vala's behalf. I think that the writers always wait to see what the actors will do with their material, and that inspires them, so now I think we'll begin to see even more of what lies beneath Vala."

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