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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Christopher Judge

You Be The Judge: Christopher Judge
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #64, July 2005

[...] "Right now [mid-May] we're working on the episode Babylon, and in it we introduce a new group of Jaffa known as the Sodan," reveals actor Christopher judge, who plays Teal'c. "Legend has it that they started the first uprising against the Goa'uld and never actually served these so-called gods. So the Sodan have always been these mythical figures in Jaffa history, and in this story we actually meet them. Through a series of events, Teal'c becomes involved in a one-on-one dialogue with a Sodan warrior and they're kind of at an impasse at the moment."

[...] "Michael Shanks worked with Claudia last year but I didn't, although we did know each other socially. However, Ben and I hadn't met. We were actually introduced in a pre-production meeting a few days before filming began on Avalon. In my typically sensitive manner I said to him, 'You already got the job, so you can stop kissing ass now'. Those were my first words to Ben," chuckles the actor.

"So we started out SG-1's ninth season with great hopes and dreams, and Ben and Claudia as well as Beau Bridges and Lou Gossett, Jr have not only met but far exceeded anything we expected insofar as how they would fit in and what their work ethic would be. It's been absolutely terrific. One of my first scenes with Ben was a fight scene, and he just did take after take to the point where I started to complain for him. He never complained once, and as the viewers will see, Ben is awesome as Colonel Mitchell. We're having so much fun, and to have this new dynamic is incredible. It's as if the first eight seasons we were building the rocket and now this year we're blasting off to even greater heights."

[...] Having finished work on at least eight Season Nine episodes, how has judge seen his character of Teal'c further grow and develop? "For one thing he's a lot more pleasant," says the actor. "I also think he has a far more optimistic view of the universe now that his people are free. So Teal'c's overall perspective on everything is just a lot looser. The biggest decision he's faced with in the early stories this year is whether to stay with SG-1 or live with his people on Dakara and try to run the new Jaffa government there.

[...] When he first started out in the business, Judge, like most actors, had some very specific ideas on how he wanted his career to unfold. His priorities have since changed. "I used to think that being successful had to do with where your name is in the credits,' says Judge. "Sure, that's great, but in the big picture it doesn't really matter. Nowadays, I wake up in the morning happy to be alive, happy to have my family, and happy to be working on a TV show like Stargate. So for me, I've got it all."

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