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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Christopher Judge

Judge for Yourself
Sharon Gosling, Stargate SG-1 * Atlantis Official Magazine Yearbook, March/April 2006

The Universe has seen a decidedly different Teal'c this year - and it was an unexpected one too, according to Christopher Judge. "The last thing I thought they were going to do was turn Teal'c into an orator! It's been fun, getting to do scenes with all these great actors and actually talk during them. I never envisioned that. I've said more in these last two seasons than I have in the previous seven put together. I had a talk to the writers about getting Teal'c back to the 'less-talk, more ass-kicking' character he was before. So I think for next season, he will talk when it is appropriate, but he'll also do a lot more ass-kicking!"

"Getting to work with Lou Gossett was wonderful. I had it in the back of my mind that Gerak was really Teal'c's father. I think that would have been a very interesting thing to explore, because they seemed to have a very uneasy relationship. I would have loved for that to have happened. But I think him going over to the Ori was also very interesting, and it shook the relationship up."

[...] "Teal'c realizes that there are some limitations as to how day-to-day he can be with the outside world. He has to be respectful of the fact that the populus of the Earth doesn't know that we have made contact with aliens. He's learned that through his time off base [in season eight's Affinity]. And I just think he's being respectful of the situation and that the time will come [to move off base], there's no need to push it. He just thinks that it will take some time. Whether or not that will become a reality or not depends and how many more years we go!"

"I think it's been one of our best seasons. We've just scratched the surface of this ensemble, and I think we've got another few years in us."

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