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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Christopher Judge

Out of the Box
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special 71, July 2006

[Regarding the mid-season two-parter The Quest] "This is by far one of the biggest episodes we've ever done," says Judge, taking a lunch break in his trailer. "It's very much a team story and we delve deeper into the Merlin legend as well as meet up again with the new head of the Ori army, who makes an extended appearance in this episode."

"All of the characters, both heroes and villains, are trying to unravel the same mystery, but it's not just a talky episode. [...] In some ways it's unbelievable that the producers have decided to do this now rather than at the beginning or at the very end of the year. Part one of The Quest will air in mid-season and it's going to be a great cliffhanger."

"Teal'c has loosened up quite a bit this season, and his amusement with the Vala character had contributed to that," notes the actor. "However, I had to tone things down just a bit. It's just so much fun watching Claudia do her thing as Vala that my enjoyment was, I think, crossing over a little too much in my performance as Teal'c," chuckles Judge.

[...] "So our characters are branching out beyond the parameters that have defined them for so long, and that's wonderful because it's presenting them as well as us actors with some terrific new challenges. [...] Now when I do scenes with Claudia it feels good to be able to follow her lead in such a way because Teal'c has never had someone who teases him as much as Vala does."

[Regarding episode 200] It was the most fun I've ever had working on this programme, and it's the most excited I've ever seen people. Every department went above and beyond the call of duty and were completely gung-ho about the episode."

[...] "It's easy to think, 'Hey, we've been doing this show for 10 years,' but when you stop and really think about it and all that's happened in your life while you've been involved in this great situation, it's quite remarkable, not to mention humbling. It also reaffirmed to all of us just how blessed we've truly been for the past decade."

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