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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Richard Dean Anderson

SFX Profile: Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill, Stargate SG-1)
Jayne Dearsley, SFX #92, June 2002

Extracts published with permission from SFX.

After six years things are pretty much in order," he says happily. "We have a new character in the show; there are some growing pains there, while we're making the transition. Michael Shanks is coming back for an extra episode. Everything's cool." Does he find it a bit weird, filming without one of the show's original actors? "Well, obviously it's different, but weird probably isn't the word. Michael and I worked very well together; we knew each other's rhythms. And Daniel Jackson was a really good character."

He has high hopes for Corin Nemec, although to be honest, Anderson's not going to be around much. The last year of Stargate SG-1 will be O'Neill-lite. "It's complicated," he sighs. "Given that there was a request of six years for me to do the show, and I'd done a series before for seven years, I was kind of...well, not running out of gas, but... I have a three-year-old daughter, and I wanted to spend some time with her. That was my only requirement about doing a sixth series: I needed more time at home. I didn't need more money or anything like that, I needed time."

[Snippage of RDA's commitment to environmental issues; notes that he's just returned from a trip to Chile.]

Anderson sounds oddly underwhelmed by the idea [of the proposed movie(s)] "These features... has that been firmed up? I don't know," he mutters, with rather frustrating elusiveness. Luckily, he soon changes tack and sounds just a little more enthusiastic. "Nothing has been worked out yet. We've got a go ahead; Brad Wright is writing the script but it remains to be seen. I tend to be sceptical about those things."

He's also extremely evasive about the supposed spin-off show, Atlantis, and the (subsequently confirmed) rumours of an animated series: although he does confirm that he'd be happy to help out with it for Brad Wright.

"Anyway, we have wonderful writers who write, for the most part, really incredible dialogue, but — and I hope this doesn't sound arrogant — I know the voice of my character better than anyone, except maybe Brad Wright. Once I get a hold of it; I dunno, the rhythms, the tone or the attitude... I tend to know." He pauses, before adding: "In real life, I'm a bit of a smartass."

Richard Dean Anderson interviewed over the phone by Jayne Dearsley.

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