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Stargate SG-1 Solutions has always prided itself on being an independent site: a Stargate site by fans, for fans.  From its inception as the original SDJ - the 'Save Daniel Jackson' campaign site - Solutions has been about empowering fans, giving them voices online.  Tremendous efforts have gone into building our Stargate Wiki, our uniquely rich, detailed, analytical show and episode database.  Now it's time to revisit our original mission and offer up Solutions once again as a site where fans can share their constructive editorials, opinions, reviews, essays and critiques. 

Many of the articles you'll find below were written while Michael Shanks was off the show in Season 6, at the height of the Save Daniel Jackson campaign.  Fans - and fandom - have moved on since those difficult days, but the views expressed at that time are just as fascinating today.

You also have the opportunity to rate individual episodes, courtesy of our Pollbooth.  The Solutions Editorial Team will also be rating episodes in the hopes of providing a consistent guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly Stargate stories for newbies to fandom.  The team members are: Alison B, DeeKay, Mel and Michelle. 

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