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20 MAR 03:
There was disappointing news for the 436 Stargate fans gathered in SCI's chatroom this evening.  After some server issues resulted in many chat attendees being ejected from the chatroom and struggling to get reconnected, including the SCI FI Chat Moderator, we were informed that actor Michael Shanks was unable to attend.  Thankfully, the Chat Mod was able to confirm that nothing ominous had happened and all was well with Michael.  The chat will be re-scheduled and SCI will let us know when as soon as they can.  Our thanks to the SCI FI Mods for taking care of us all tonight.

To Michael Shanks: sorry you weren't able to make it this evening!  We do look forward to having the opportunity to chat with you in future.

From the chat log:

<ChatMod> Bad news folks
<ChatMod> MS is not going to be able to join us this evening
<ChatMod> We've very sorry
<ChatMod> We will certainly reschedule
<ChatMod> We're very sorry.  We were assured that MS would be here by his people -- then something came up
<ChatMod> WE"LL POST THE DATE OF THE RESCHEDULED CHAT on scifi/chat as soon as get a firm time from MS and his people
<ChatMod> The problem was not the server.  We still hadn't heard from Michael when the  server reset
<ChatMod> I'm sure that Michael wanted to be here.  Something just came up.  That happens with busy schedules.

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