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09 JUL 03:

“It’s been crazy since we started shooting season seven in February, but that’s fine with me,” actor Michael Shanks says, who has played Dr. Jackson for the past five years on SG-1.

“I don’t regret my decision to leave the show when I did. But I also think I made the right decision to come back. It’s always wonderful to be busy with a schedule rather than waiting for a casting call. Sometimes it’s going to feel like it’s too crazy, but work is good. Time always flies when you’re busy. I like to be busy, so it’s turned out to be a good year for me. I’m very happy about that.

Shanks pauses for a moment and adds, “In a lot of ways, he’s [Daniel Jackson] more enthusiastic, but he’s also more stubborn, more of a soldier. He’s more confident and he knows he has a clear duty to his people. He’s had to make tough decisions, and those decisions led to his return. In an episode called ‘Orpheus’, he realizes he’s come back to do something proactive, to push forward their cause, not just be the passive observer all the time. He realizes that his journey is not the end. It’s just the beginning.“

The relationship between Jackson and the headstrong Jack O’Neil (series lead Richard Dean Anderson) has taken off from the conflicting dynamic established in the film to become one of the most popular elements of the series.

“The Jack and Daniel relationship is at more of a crucible,” Shanks says. “Daniel is getting his memories back, and the love/hate relationship creeps back on them. There’s a lot more gentleness and appreciation for one another. Less bantering will happen this year between the two. They’ll be trying to put things back in proper perspective. They are like good brothers, like a father and a son, and you know, also like an old married couple. I think that it’s getting much tighter, stronger, and closer in every way than before.”

According to the actor, star Richard Dean Anderson’s availability is a major factor in the show’s production.

“He only works three days a week, so they are finding a way to spread him out over the episodes,” Shanks explains. “As a result, there’s a lot more interaction with the other cast members of the show, too. Usually the characters are satellites of the O’Neill character, but this year they’re having to spend a lot more time together to solve their problems. That gives the other characters a lot more independence and authority for themselves so that leads to more challenges. Also, you’re going to see more of Daniel’s struggles.”

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