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30 OCT 03:

Stargate SG-1 stars Don s Davis [Hammond] and Teryl Rothery [Fraiser] made an appearance in Swindon, UK  today.  They attended a signing at the Infinitely Better Memorabilia store and were interviewed by BBC Wiltshire.  A selection of questions put to them by fans concerned about their future on Stargate SG-1 is reprinted below.

BBC to DSD: According to some magazines, at the end of Season 7, Hammond is replaced by the President himself.  Does this mean you will not be in Season 8?

DSD:  The President doesn't fit a uniform quite as well as Hammond so I don't know.  I can't talk about that until it airs, actually, that's why I made the joke.  Things do change at the end of Season 7.   We haven't been told whether the change is permanent or simply a glitch or, you know, part of the story.  [Yelling]  DON'T LET 'EM MAKE ME LEAVE!!!  Oh, never mind.

BBC to TR: How do you feel about the death of Janet Fraiser in the up and coming two-part episode Heroes?

TR:  She dies?  No!  Are you serious?  Oh, my gosh!  Um.  Well, to reiterate Don, I'm not in fact sure if that two-parter has aired yet so I'm quite surprised by that question.  Again, there are some surprises, some great fun surprises for all the fans to look forward to in Season 7 and some excitement to look forward to for Season 8 so I say stay tuned and all your questions will be answered.

BBC to DSD: Don, I've heard that you and Michael have formed a production company.  Have you two got any movies in the works yet and will either of you be in them.  And have you signed on for Season 8 yet?  I'd love to see General Hammond back in charge of the SGC.

DSD: Yes, Michael and I have acquired the rights to a film which will be a starring vehicle for him.  No, as of yet I have not signed on for Season 8.

BBC Wiltshire also revealed that Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge will be in Swindon for a signing at the Infinitely Bettter Memorabilia store on Thursday 29th January 2004.

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