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31 OCT 03:

Writer and Co-Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi had this to say regarding Season Seven, the possible cast changes in Season Eight and spin-off Atlantis:

Re: New Cast Joseph Mallozzi - 2003/10/30(Thu) 01:55:40
With regard to any new cast additions: its still too early to tell - but I'm pretty confident when I say that the chances of another archaeologist being assigned to the team are about 0.

Re: Season 8? Joseph Mallozzi - 2003/10/30(Thu) 01:53:50
All the members of SG-1 will be back for season 8. We have no intention of replacing any of the actors.

Re: SG-1 & Atlantis Joseph Mallozzi - 2003/09/28(Sun) 01:29:01
Yes, the second half of the story (and season 7 of Stargate SG-1) will return to SciFi Channel in January. Watch for it.

At present, we haven't begun long-range plans for Atlantis. However, you can count on members of SG-1 to make the occasional guest appearance.

Glad you liked the first part of Evolution. Personally, I prefer episodes in which there is more than one story ongoing.

For the answer to the last question, you'll have to tune in. But rest assured: Jack won't simply sit by and wait when his friend is in danger.

Re: New member to SG1 or new cast to Season8? �FJoseph Mallozzi - 2003/10/31(Fri) 15:20:48

Whether a new member will be assigned to SG-1 is a possiblity. Only time will tell on that one. However, as I stated in a previous post, the new character will not be an archaeologist (and, no, not an anthropologist either) as DJ already plays that role. It will not be a character named Maggie and its very doubtful any Colonel Hooper will join the team. More than likely, if someone was to join the team, it would be someone the audience has already met.

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