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04 DEC 03:

Stargate's multi-talented Chris Judge shared some fantastic news with fans at the VIP cocktail party at the recent French City Con in Paris.  Already a celebrated Stargate actor and writer, Chris is also an enthusiastic and talented photographer.

Chris was delighted to hear an anecdote from the SG6 convention regarding his spectacular photograph of Teryl Rothery, who plays Dr. Janet Fraiser on the show.  Two fans in private conversation with him broke the ice by innocently announcing that Teryl had worn "Chris's dress" for the photo, which made Chris burst out laughing.
The two told Chris how at SG6 everyone bought their MGM-Season 1-recycled picture of Teryl to get signed and then when his photo of her appeared, many went back and bought that on top of the ones they'd already purchased because his was so much nicer.  They assured him that his shot of Teryl was "utterly beautiful," noting they didn't realise he'd taken it until after they'd bought it and they remember saying "Wow, Teryl looks a *fox* in this picture!"
They then asked Chris if he was intending to take any more photos of the cast and he replied that he was planning a "Women of Sci-Fi" calendar to feature, among others, Teryl Rothery and Amanda Tapping.  The two responded with, "as long as you do the men for us girls," and Chris said that would be the next project, and it would be "these guys", indicating Michael Shanks and JR Bourne, plus Keith Hamilton-Cobb from "Andromeda".

The fans asked Chris,  "How about Rick?" and he replied "I don't think he'd want to do it - but I'm going to ask him!".   He was then prompted, "Self-portrait?" but claimed, "Oh I'm too old."  Naturally, he was scolded for being silly :)

Chris was assured that if he were to go ahead with the calendar project,  fans would prove very receptive to  his choice of subjects, his talent and creativity - based on the stunning shots we've already seen from him - and his name attached as photographer.  He was a little surprised to hear that fans weren't too keen on the meagre offerings from MGM, notorious for their elderly recycled cast and team shots and their apparently random selection of  screencaptures.  They urged him to give the project serious consideration and he responded with the classic A-Okay! gesture.

Let's hope that Chris is able to progress this calendar project and we'll have his gorgeous photographs of the cast to grace our walls next Christmas!

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