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12 JAN 04:

This morning the radio show SCI-FI OVERDRIVE, heard on the Business Talk Radio Network, broadcast an interview with Michael Shanks.

The hosts, Erich Landstrom, David Durica, and Lauren Urban, were well-versed in Stargate: SG-1 and came prepared with detailed questions about Michael's work on show as an actor and as a writer.

On the possibility of doing an episode about Daniel's time ascended, Michael said he is still hoping to have the chance to 'break the surface of a story that digs into that mythology' and that we'll learn more the Ancients as we get closer to the end of  Season 7.

Michael discussed his experience writing Resurrection and and how he likes to use unresolved myths as a basis for Stargate stories.  His back story for Resurrection involves the Riddle of the Sphinx and the mysterious chamber at the back of the Sphinx that Napoleon explored.  Resurrection extrapolates from what Napoleon might have found in that chamber and what might have happened to it over the years leading up to its discovery by the NID.

In discussing how he approached his multi-character role on Lifeboat, Shanks emphasized how flattered and humbled he was that writer Brad Wright trusted him to carry an episode that was essentially very much like a stage play.

Chuckling, he said that Season 8 will 'most likely definitely be the last season.'

He mentioned that while nothing is certain, he has heard there is a strong possibility  he will join Richard Dean Anderson in helping to launch the pilot of Atlantis.

Finally, he said there is still the possibility of one or more Stargate feature films, given MGM's interest in a Stargate franchise.  He said the likelihood of films would somewhat depend on the success of Atlantis.

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We'll be posting an interview transcript soon

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