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06 FEB 04:

In an interview for British scifi magazine Cult Times, actor Don S. Davis revealed that it's time for him to move on from his seven year role as General George Hammond.   "It's been wonderful," he insists.  "I've had the best job on television.  They've given me freedom, they've paid me well, but if I want to grow as an actor, I have to do something that allows me to work my instrument, and it's time to do that.  I would like to move on to either doing a series in which I had a character who was much more involved in the storyline, or I would like to go back to doing feature films."

Davis denies that it's a downturn in quality that has him ready to move on from Stargate SG-1, insisting that in the main, Season 7 is the strongest one they've done and that the episode Heroes is the strongest episode they've done.  He srongly believes that, "We've got the soul of the show back.  There are several things that set our show apart, but one of the main things is the fact that it's a group of warriors who meet and defeat enemies throughout the universe.  But among that small team there is a moral voice, and that morea voice is Daniel Jackson, the voice that says what all of us know, that some of those people you're fighting and killing are people like yourselves, who are simply there out of loyalty to their race, their country, their family, trying to protect what they believe in; they're not all villains.  And Daniel's character is the one that reminds our team of that episode after episode: look beyond the surface difference.  Daniel is a humanist, first, last and always."  The actor explains why the character of Jonas Quinn, through no fault of Corin Nemec's could not replace Daniel as that moral voice, and nor could the other members of SG-1.

The actor feels he's been blessed in his career, with his opportunities and with the people he's met and worked with, likening this to starting out riding in baggage and making the climb to first class. 

While Davis may be leaving the show (Hammond bows out in season finale The Lost City) he feels Stargate has the potential to run and run.  "There are tales from every society on Earth that can still be explored, and we have a staff of writers intelligent enough and well-read enough to bring those stories forward."  He feels that what may end the series is not lack of stories, but the cast deciding there's nothing more for them to explore with their characters, and even then, he concedes MGM could decide to take the show on with new characters.

Acknowledging that Michael Shanks left and then retuned, Davis talks about the majoe characters in anyone's life and how they're going to change and move on.  "That's what life does.  It's time, for the show to remain fresh, to stay true to life, for people to step out of the frame."  He smiles.

Extracts from "Master And Commander" by Paul Spragg, Cult Times, #101
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