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[[Image:alar.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Alar of Euronda]]
[[Image:alar.jpg|thumb|170px|left|Alar of Euronda]]

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Alar of Euronda


Alar, of the planet Euronda, was a leader of one side of a global war in which his stance was to commit genocide in order to promote a master race in the Season Four episode, The Other Side.


Alar, of the planet Euronda, attempted first contact with the SGC by sending three volunteers through the stargate. Because the SGC has an iris protecting its stargate, those three volunteers were killed. Fortunately, the SGC was able to make two-way radio contact with Alar before he sent any more volunteers through.

Alar explained that they had uncovered their stargate and found writings which indicated that they had originated on Earth. He called himself kindred and pleaded for help in fighting a world war. His side was losing terribly with their supplies almost gone and their defenses on the verge of collapse.

SG-1 was sent to Euronda with humanitarian supplies. Soon after their arrival, they found Alar had been injured by falling debris from their underground stronghold which had been damaged in an aerial assault. Alar quickly recovered from his injuries after the ministration of beta-cantin, a medicine which ensures an immediate recovery.

Alar and his second in command, Farrell, invited Colonel O'Neill to try out one of their aero-fighters as a demonstration of their technology. The pilot never left the security of the underground facility, but instead maneuvered unmanned drones via a computerized link between the pilot's brainwaves and the drone controller. O'Neill was impressed with the technology and recognized that it could help SG-1 meet with the SGC's standing orders of seeking new allies and procuring technologies in aid in the defense against the Goa'uld. Unwittingly, O'Neill later used the aero-fighter in a battle against manned aircraft and he was successful in shooting down one of the enemy's planes. He was appalled at the fact that he had been deceived into taking sides in the war.

Alar was eager to form a trade agreement with Earth in order to build up their power supply which provided energy for their underground facility's defense shields and powered chambers containing thousands of Alar's father's generation who were in stasis pods awaiting the end of the war. Alar was willing to trade the beta-cantin and the schematics for their aero-fighters and controlled fusion generator. All that Alar asked in return for his knowledge and technology was heavy water to fuel their controlled fusion generator.

While SG-1 began to get acquainted with Alar, Daniel Jackson became suspicious of Alar's motives in the war because Alar continuously skirted around Jackson's questions concerning the enemy. O'Neill made Jackson back down from asking his probing questions.

On his way to inform General Hammond of their trade agreement, O'Neill discovered that Jackson's concerns were valid when Alar indicated that he did not wish for Teal'c to return with O'Neill because he was "not like us." O'Neill apologized to Jackson for his abrupt dismissal of Jackson's concerns and instructed him to continue to ask questions. Jackson found out the enemy were called Breeders because they did not genetically control their offspring. Alar's father's dream, and thus his own, was to populate Euronda with a pure race and in order to do that, they must completely wipe out their enemy.

When O'Neill discovers the truth about Alar and the fact that his people had poisoned their planet's atmosphere in order to kill off all of the Breeders, he decides to leave Alar and his underground facility in the same condition as he had found them upon their initial mission. O'Neill uses the aero-fighter technology to aid the Breeders in targeting the underground facility in order that it might be destroyed.

Alar witnesses the destruction of his controlled fusion generator and with his underground facility coming down on his people, he pleads with O'Neill to take him back with them to Earth, offering all of his technological knowledge. O'Neill advises Alar not to follow SG-1 through the stargate. Once back at the SGC, O'Neill orders that the iris be closed and we are led to believe that the impact heard hitting against the iris is Alar.


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