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Alar of Euronda contacts the SGC


Euronda is a planet visited by SG-1 where they became inadvertently involved in a civil war.


  • Names and Designations: Euronda
  • Number of Suns: Unknown
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: SGC contacted directly by Euronda
  • Introduced in Episode: 4.02 "The Other Side"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Technologically more advanced in many ways than Earth
  • Main Interest: Euronda offered advanced technology, weapons and medicines in return for Heavy Water, used to fuel their fusion generators
  • Influenced/Dominated by: The planet is divided between two warring factions: those who believe in racial purity and those who do not.
  • History of Stargate: Uncovered by accident during the construction of an underground base for Alar's people.

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Geopolitical Structure and History

The people of Euronda have become divided over the issue of procreation. The SGC are initially contacted by Alar who explains that his people are in desperate need of resources to continue their fight against "The Breeders". When SG-1 visit the planet with medical and food aid they meet Alar's people who live beneath the surface of the planet. The majority of the planet’s landmass is controlled by their opponents. SG-1 enter into trade negotiations with the Eurondans to acquire nuclear fusion reactors, medicines (including beta-cantin, an extremely effective drug which assures rapid recovery from injury), aero-fighter technology and stasis devices for prolonging human life. In return the Eurondans require heavy water to make deuterium oxide necessary to power their controlled fusion generators.

Eager to gain the technology on offer, SG-1 are initially slow to recognise the moral implications of their actions. Daniel suspects that there is more to the story than Alar has revealed. They are shown a chamber filled with stasis pods, preserving the generation of Alar's father and invited to try out the Aero-fighter technology. SG-1 encounter Olan, a veteran aero-fighter pilot whose prolonged exposure to the neural interface with the fighters has caused permanent damage to his brain. SG-1 begin to realise the truth. The Eurondans are a race that have embraced genetic engineering and racial purity to which their enemy, the Breeders, do not subscribe. In a move calculated to promote their choice of procreation at the expense of the Breeders, Alar's father and others created massive underground gas chambers that pipe toxins to the surface of the planet to kill their opponents and make the planet surface unliveable. The Breeders have defied all attempts on the part of the Eurondans to commit mass genocide.

SG-1's intervention in this conflict was a pivotal action and their decision to stop supplying Alar's people with the heavy water was expected to lead to the defeat of the Eurondans as their plight on first contact with Earth had been desperate. Without the fuel for their generators the Eurondans would be unable to power their shields leading to their inevitable destruction at the hands of their enemy.


Alar is treated with beta-cantin
Underground facility
Stasis pods
Dining/Conference Room
Jack uses aero-fighter
Olan is neurologically damaged
War Room
Controlled Fusion Generators
Knowledge of the Eurondans
Contaminated surface over underground facility
Stargate on Euronda


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