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Jack controls aero-fighter
Image transmitted by drones


Aero-fighters were advanced warfare technology developed by the Eurondans.

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The Eurondans pilot a formation of unmanned aero-fighters - drone aircraft - from within the control centre of their underground bunker. Each aero-fighter station consists of a pilot seat, electronic equipment and a canopy which closes over the pilot. Col. O'Neill takes a station and pilots a formation of aero-fighters in order to shoot down an unmanned enemy reconnaisance drone and test out the abilities of the aero-fighter. He is told that the weapons system is most intuitive and the hand controls are secondary. Targeting and vectoring occur as a result of direct neural interface. The pilot's mind directs the actions of the aero-fighters and he sees the skies around him through the station display as clearly and in as much detail as if he were piloting the fighters directly.

Years of exposure to the neural interface proves damaging to human pilots.

O'Neill and Teal'c later use the aero-fighters to help repel an enemy bomber attack. O'Neill is horrified to see people in the aircraft he destroys. Finally, he uses an aero-fighter station to escort in the enemy bombers which destroy the underground bunker of the Eurondans, leaving the 'Breeders' victorious.


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