Aliens of PJ2-445

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Aliens of PJ2-445


The Aliens of PJ2-445 were encountered in the episode 2.19 "One False Step".

Stargate References

These "naked, white" aliens were natives of PJ2-445. They weren't really naked, but painted themselves with a material which hardened to protect and cover them. They appeared to live simply in adobe-like structures. They communicated mostly through body language, but they also sang in complex harmonies. They had a symbiotic relationship with the plant life of the planet. SG-1 accidently injured one of these plants with a UAV and in so doing, caused the sound waves being emitted by the plant to alter, causing the aliens to weaken. They would have died if SG-1 had not found a way to bring the sound waves back in harmony with the aliens.

Curious Alien
Alien Youth
Alien Elder
Sick Alien
Daniel gets accepted
Aliens have a symbiotic relationship with the plants

There were four Aliens of PJ2-445 which had close contact with SG-1. One of them seem to be extremely curious and stayed around Jack and Daniel most of the time. He was the first alien seen through the UAV camera and was present when SG-1 returned to the planet to find the crashed UAV. The second alien was a youth who took Carter's knife when SG-1 stood among the aliens trying to communicate. When Carter got the knife away from him, Daniel sneezed and caused the alien to startle and accidently cut Carter's hand. The third alien was an elder who welcomed Daniel to the tribe by painting his face. The fourth alien was the first to grow ill and was taken back to the SGC so that Dr. Fraiser and Carter could help find a cure for him.

All of the Aliens of PJ2-445 seemed friendly. After finding a cure for the aliens by leaving a frequency transmitter, SG-1 left. Most likely the SGC kept observing the Aliens until the plants were healed and then removed the frequency transmitter. It is not known if continued contact was maintained after that.

Notable Characters

  • Four Aliens of PJ2-445 interacted with SG-1 the most, each showing the curiosity, trust, and friendliness of the group.


  • The Aliens of PJ2-445 have a symbiotic relationship with the plant life of the planet.


  • No known enemies


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