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It took well over two years to find the exact conditions needed to dial the ninth chevron on the Stargate since the power requirements were beyond anything that Earth could feasibly provide, but the planet on which Icarus Base was established had what the Stargate Program sought. Dr. Nicholas Rush was the civilian scientist who led in the discovery of how to dial the ninth chevron while Col. Telford put together an expedition to go wherever the nine-symbol address led. But during a diplomatic tour with United States Senate representatives and civilians, the Base was attacked and Col. Everett Young, the Base commander, was forced to order its evacuation through the Stargate to Earth. Young led the defense and evacuation, but Rush dialed the ninth chevron instead and sent everyone to the Ancients' long-abandoned Destiny, a ship designed to explore the far reaches of the universe. Icarus Base was lost and those aboard Destiny had no way to return home.

Icarus Base was manned by personnel from the International Oversight Advisory (IOA), the U.S. Air Force (USAF), the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), and civilian scientists working on the Icarus Project to determine the destination of the Stargate's ninth chevron.

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