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Vachna is a villager on P8X-412 and a devout follower of the Ori. (9.05 "The Powers That Be")

Character Biography

For years, Vachna suffered from a debilitating illness. His condition gradually worsened until he was no longer able to take care of his family and work in the harvests. Eventually he could not even stand. The Prior healed Vachna of his malady when he first visited the planet and requested the villager tell any and all who would listen of the Ori. Grateful to be healed and awed by his miraculous recovery, Vachna gladly did so. These proclamations angered the village leader, Azdak, who remained true to Qetesh (the Goa'uld who once inhabited Vala).

When the Prior returned during Vala's trial (known as a Mal Doran), Vachna approached the religious figure on his knees, pledging obedience. The Prior touched his head as if in blessing before leaving the village. Oddly enough, after this, Vachna was the first to become ill from a plague created by the Ori.

Though at first refusing Vala's help, he acquiesced to her use of the Goa'uld healing device and fully recovered from the disease. He was surprised that she was able to heal him, and seemed to consider Daniel Jackson's explanation that medicine and technology were not miracles or magic.

Unlike others, Vachna did not appear to relapse after Vala's treatment of the illness. When the Prior once again returned, Vachna immediately begged the Prior for mercy and to help their children and village. He proclaimed the villagers believed in the Ori's power and disclaimed any allegiance to the Tau'ri expedition. He even stepped between a showdown between Vala and the Prior and led the villagers in prostration before the Prior, swearing their fealty to these new gods. This display of obedience led the Prior to heal everyone in the village, including SG-1's Colonel Mitchell and the now deceased Azdak.


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