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Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell


Cameron Mitchell, born May/June 1970, is an accomplished F-302 pilot and led the F-302 squadron in the battle with Anubis over Antarctica. He was gravely injured in the battle, protecting the lives of SG-1 as they gained access to the Antarctic Outpost and the Ancient weaponry powerful enough to destroy Anubis' attacking fleet. Mitchell was granted his choice of assignments after he recuperated from extensive combat injuries. He chose to join SG-1, and was given command of the disbanded team. He was able to entice the veterans of the unit back, and now worked in tandem with Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c. After over a year "leading" the team, he also counts Vala Mal Doran as one of his comrades. As of this time, he appears to still lead the SGC flagship team.

Cameron: A Visual History

Young Mitchell
F-16 Pilot
By Stargate
Sword in Stone
After Sodan
In Galaran memory machine
Talking to Fergie
Relief saving Sam
Morpheus succumbing

Comprehensive Character Biography

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