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Goa'uld Queen Amaunet

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Ammonet, Amenet, Amunet, Amonet, Amaunet; the mother who is father. Amaunet means Hidden One.

Presides Over

Amaunet is said to be a tutelary deity of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Personal Symbols

Northern wind, snake or snake-head on which the crown of Lower Egypt rests.

Earth Mythological References

One of the eight primordial gods of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis, Amaunet was the consort of Amun at Karnak. Often shown wearing the crown of Lower Egypt, she was a mother/fertility goddess often associated with Neith. She is the personification of the life-giving northern wind and was the protectress of the nation of Egypt during times of accession of a new pharaoh.

Stargate References

Implanted in Shau’ri, Abydonian wife of Dr. Daniel Jackson, this Goa’uld symbiote was the consort of Apophis and his beloved queen. The symbiote was given the choice of which human would be her host, having rejected a kidnapped Air Force sergeant before accepting the lovely and spirited Shau'ri. (Children of the Gods)

In order to satisfy Apophis' desire for a new host, Amaunet caused her host Shau'ri to become impregnated by him. Such a child is known as Harsesis and is forbidden by Goa'uld law, as a child born of a union between two Goa'uld hosts would retain all the genetic knowledge of the Goa’uld. Daniel Jackson reunited briefly with his wife on Abydos, but before he could return to Earth with her, they discover Heru'ur had dispatched his Jaffa to Abydos in search of Apophis' queen. They went into hiding and Shau'ri went into labor. Daniel delivered a boy, and with that Amaunet awoke and reasserted control. Teal'c, disguised as a Horus guard, told Amaunet to deliver a message to Apophis: Heru'ur has taken the child then zatted the woman so that he and Daniel could take the baby to his grandfather, Kasuf, and hide him among the Abydonians. (Secrets)

Amaunet continued to search for the Harsesis child, eventually discovering him and sending him to Kheb with her most trusted aide. Daniel saw Amaunet and followed her to her tent in an attempt to once again save his wife. Amaunet was ready for him and attacked him with her ribbon device. With Daniel paralyzed with the effects of the Goa'uld weapon, Shau’ri sent a message to Daniel, asking him to find her son and protect him. Daniel promised her he would. Shau’ri/Amaunet were killed by Teal’c, who'd found Daniel perilously close to death from the ribbon device and had no choice but to kill Amaunet and her host in order to save Daniel. (Forever in a Day)

Daniel later taunted a gravely wounded Apophis during an interrogation at the SGC base. Dr. Jackson was surprised to learn the depth of love that the false god felt for his dead queen, but this revelation did nothing to assuage his hatred of the Goa’uld (Serpent’s Song).


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