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Birra was a Free Jaffa who wore the mark of the System Lord Cronus. She lived on the planet Kallana and stood as an advisor to the leader of her people, Latal. When a Prior of the Ori came to their planet to turn them to worshipping the Ori as gods, Latal asked the Prior to leave because his people no longer wished to worship false gods. The Prior killed Latal, Birra, and the rest of the Jaffa in their group after they opened fire on him when he refused to leave. The entire Jaffa population of Kallana was killed and the planet was collapsed into a singularity by the Ori. The Kallanan singularity was meant to provide power to a Super Stargate through which an Ori invading force could travel, but the Super Stargate was destroyed before a wormhole could be established. (9.06 "Beachhead")


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