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System Lord Camulus

Earth Culture of Origin

Romano-Celtic, Gaul

Alternate Names / Spellings

Camulos, Mars Camulus. Camulus means Heaven in Celtic. This meaning has been used by some Wiccan even recently. (General O’Neill calls him Camy in 8.04 "Zero Hour").

Presides Over


Personal Symbols

The wild boar

Earth Mythological References

When the Romans invaded and subsequently conquered Gaul, Julius Caesar observed the religion of the Gauls and equated many of the Celtic gods with Roman names instead of the native Gaullish names. The conquered and conquerors either adopted or continued to worship these Celtic gods. Camulus was associated with Mars (Ares), the Roman god of war. Hence, Camulus is the Romano-Celtic god of war.

Although the British city Camulodunum (now Colchester in Essex) was named after him, Camulus was actually the tribal god of the Remi, a Gallic tribe living in Belgium.

Camulus was said to have wielded an invincible sword.

Stargate References

Camulus was the first System Lord to request a formal meeting with the Tau'ri to discuss a treaty following the defeat of Anubis. During the treaty negotiations, Camulus and his fellow System Lords, Yu and Amaterasu, demonstrated their well-known arrogance, making both demands and threats. Eventually, talks broke down and the System Lords were imprisoned after it was learned they dispatched a mothership to Earth. Seeing no point in holding them, they were eventually set free, at which point Camulus requested asylum on Earth. His armies had been decimated, he had nothing to go back to. He believed he might have been of some use to the Tau'ri. Amaterasu and Lord Yu departed, but not before Amaterasu declared Camulus a traitor and a coward. (8.01 "New Order Part 1" and 8.02 "New Order Part 2")

Camulus was sent to Area 51 and kept behind bars because he was a Goa'uld. When Ba'al announced that he had captured SG-1 and wished to trade them for Camulus, Gen. Jack O'Neill had him brought into the SGC base. Camulus wanted to prove he had value to Earth, so he led SG-3 to a partially-powered Zero Point Module (ZPM) that could be used to power Earth's defenses in the Antarctic Outpost. Upon further study of the device, it was discovered that Camulus had tainted the ZPM with a substance that would have caused the device to explode when electrical current was introduced. The resulting explosion would have destroyed the entire solar system! (8.04 "Zero Hour")

O'Neill eventually convinced Camulus to go back to Ba'al, but with the ZPM so that he could kill Ba'al himself. Not knowing that the ZPM was switched with the depleted one from the Outpost, Camulus happily went back to Ba'al, but SG-1 was not traded back because Ba'al never had them. He had overheard the radio chatter when SG-3 had searched for the trapped SG-1 and devised this plan. SG-1 eventually returned home on their own. (8.04 "Zero Hour")

The last time that Camulus was mentioned was during a conversation held between Daniel Jackson and the space thief Vala Mal Doran. They talked about how Ba'al had defeated Camulus and taken his domain, but it was never stated that Ba'al actually killed Camulus because of Camulus's plan to assassinate him with the ZPM. (9.12 "Prometheus Unbound")


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