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The Athosians were the first alien allies the Atlantis Expedition Team found in the Pegasus Galaxy when they visited Athos. Their leader, Teyla Emmagan, joined the Expedition and serves as a liaison with other worlds with which her people had traded. The Athosians honor the Ancients, those they call the Ancestors. After their world was attacked by the Wraith, the Athosians came to live with the Expedition in the city, but soon moved to the mainland of Lantia, the same planet on whose ocean the city-ship Atlantis floated. Later, the Athosians relocated to another planet they called New Athos, but the entire settlement mysteriously disappeared, having been kidnapped by a Wraith-Human hybrid named Michael Kenmore who was trying to perfect a human-iratus hybrid army using human subjects. Unfortunately, only a small group of survivors were rescued. The Athosians were introduced in Stargate Atlantis: 1.01 "Rising Part 1".

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