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Charlie O'Neill (Season One)
Charlie O'Neill (Season Three)


Charlie O'Neill was the son of Jack and Sara O'Neill and accidently killed himself with his father's personal handgun. He was introduced in the movie as "Tyler", but in the television series as "Charlie".

Character Biography

Charlie was about 8-10 years old when he shot and killed himself with his father's personal handgun. Charlie shot himself in his bedroom in the family home in Winter Park, Colorado, and died later in the emergency room. It was the guilt that Jack felt over the death of his son that drove Jack to consider suicide. Jack's state of mind was used by the Air Force in calling him back to active duty to oversee Daniel Jackson's progress in opening the Stargate. Once Daniel was successful in opening the Stargate, Jack was prepared to detonate a nuclear weapon on the other side (Abydos) if a threat was determined. Fortunately, Daniel's influence on that first mission to Abydos changed the course of Jack's life. After a year, Jack said that he could never forgive himself for what happened to Charlie, but sometimes he could forget (1.01 "Children Of The Gods Part 1").

Charlie's favorite sport was baseball. He enjoyed pitching and catching a baseball with Jack and loved to laugh (1.07 "Cold Lazarus"). After Charlie's death, Sara kept all of his things as they had been in his room, as well as his basketball goal and bicycle. Often, she'd sit in his room and talk to him to ease her grief. Sara wanted Jack to talk with her and share in her grief, but Jack closed up. This is one of the reasons why the two separated after Charlie's death (1.01 "Children Of The Gods Part 1", 1.07 "Cold Lazarus").

Before his death, Charlie argued with Jack over his possession of a water pistol. It was possible Jack's scolding and confiscation of this toy led to Charlie's taking the handgun which Jack had carelessly failed to secure. The two did not have time to make up after their fight (3.13 "The Devil You Know Part 2"), but the crystalline entity which took on Jack's form allowed Jack to come to some measure of peace with this by taking Charlie's form and allowing Jack and Sara to say good-bye (1.07 "Cold Lazarus").

After Daniel returned to human form at the beginning of Season Seven, his memories of how he and Jack met were resurfaced when he saw a picture of Charlie in Jack's locker. Daniel said that Charlie was the reason that he knew Jack. He also recalled that Jack went on that first mission to Abydos because Jack thought it would be suicide and Jack quickly pointed out that "things change" (7.01 "Fallen Part 1").


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