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U.S. Secretary of Defense David Swift


David Swift was the U.S. Secretary of Defense during Season One, and was introduced in the episode, 1.08 "The Nox".

Character Biography

Mr. Swift challenged Hammond and SG-1 to prove the value of the Stargate Program by bringing back advanced technologies, stating that the President and Joint Chiefs were not satisfied with the results of the program thus far. Up to that point, the SGC had only visited nineteen separate worlds and there was no technology gained from them to aid the fight against the Goa'uld. It was in response to this challenge that Teal'c revealed the homeworld of the Nox where there was a creature which possessed the power of invisibility, something he knew of which the Goa'uld had sought the secrets for many years and had remained unsuccessful in obtaining. SG-1 came back empty-handed from that mission, but had forged a relationship with an advanced race which would prove useful in the future.


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