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The Nox


The Nox were a pacifistic, advanced alien race. They were one of the Four Races that came together at Heliopolis, along with the Asgard, Ancients, and Furlings. Their homeworld was on P3X-774. The Nox were introduced by name in the appropriately titled episode, 1.08 "The Nox".

Stargate References

The Nox were one of the four great races who met at Heliopolis to discuss the meaning of life (1.11 "The Torment of Tantalus"; 2.16 "The Fifth Race"). Technologically advanced, the Nox had a great reverence for life of all kinds (1.08 "The Nox"). Although they had great floating cities on their homeworld of P3X-774, some Nox lived in the forest, in simple huts and eating fruits and the saps of trees.

The Nox had long life spans; when Ohper, one of the oldest Nox, learned how Earth people determined time, he explained he was 432 years old. The Nox as a people had "mystical" abilities. Their main defense was hiding. They were able to cloak individuals, animals, places, even large cities from view using unknown means. These cloaks not only rendered someone invisible, but could not be touched or heard either. The Nox also had a way to bring the dead back to life. It involved a number of them, at least three, to perform the "Ritual of Life". When this ritual was performed, they could no longer remain hidden.

The Nox monitored the Stargate, watching as Goa'uld and Jaffa came through on occasion to hunt the Fenri, and cloaking the animal from view. They were unaware that the Goa'uld hunted the Fenri precisely because they believed the animal had powers of invisibility. When SG-1 learned of the Fenri from Teal'c, they traveled to P3X-774, running into one of Apophis's hunting parties. The Nox witnessed a battle between SG-1 and Apophis and his Jaffa and interceded. They brought Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, and Daniel Jackson back from the dead using their ritual of life, but the wounded Shak'l refused their ministrations.

They observed SG-1 interact for some time before learning their language. Once able to communicate, they expressed their wish that SG-1 return through the "doorway" (Stargate) and take their violent ways with them. SG-1 refused, concerned that the apparently helpless Nox were now in danger from the Goa'uld. Even after Shak'l killed Lya and later Nafrayu, they tried to explain in their way that SG-1 was "young" and did not understand. Even though the Nox had cloaked their weapons, SG-1 persisted in trying to protect the Nox and set up a primitive ambush against Apophis. The Nox again stopped the battle. They first sent the Goa'uld through the Stargate. Before SG-1 left, Anateus revealed the truth about their advanced nature, but also explained they would bury the Stargate, so neither the Goa'uld, nor anyone else, including SG-1, could return.

When SG-1 and General Hammond tried to protect the Tollan refugees from Colonel Maybourne, Daniel Jackson came up with a plan to contact the Nox for sanctuary (1.17 "Enigma"). The Tollan, another advanced people, were able to send a signal to P3X-774 after Daniel provided the coordinates. Lya of of the Nox came through the SGC Stargate and offered sanctuary to the Tollan. A frantic Colonel Maybourne ordered the guards in the gateroom to fire, but Lya made all their weapons disappear. She was disappointed the humans had learned nothing, but noted Daniel Jackson at least had.

The Tollan were retrieved by their other people and made their homes on Tollana (3.15 "Pretense"). However, they kept in touch with the Nox. When Skaara/Klorel crashed on Tollana and Skaara requested freedom from the Goa'uld, the Tollan decided to have a triad (a trial) to determine the rights of these sentient beings. The neutral archon (advocate) for this triad was one of the Nox, Lya. She listened to the various arguments, and cast the deciding vote to award priority of the body to Skaara. Also, concerned the Goa'uld were planning an attack, Teal'c convinced Lya to use her cloaking powers to hide one of the Tollan's defensive weapons. As she later acknowledged to SG-1, she teetered on the line of the Nox's morality of pacifism by taking this action. However, the actions saved Tollana.

Notable Characters

  • Anteaus - was the lead spokesman of the Nox living in the forests of P3X-774. He was very impatient with the violent and short-sighted ways of the Goa'uld and Tau'ri who battled in his forest. At one point he scolded O'Neill and Daniel saying: "The very young do not always do as they're told." Despite their differences, Anteaus relented slightly when he realized SG-1's motives of concern and fear for the Nox were genuine and revealed to them the Nox's technologically advanced nature.
  • Lya - a female Nox, Lya was very concerned with how Shak'l was treated. She was killed by Shak'l during his escape, but was resurrected via the Ritual of Life. Lya was the Nox emissary who came to the SGC to offer the Tollan sanctuary. She was also the emissary Archon the Nox sent to represent a neutral third party in Skaara's triad on Tollana, casting the deciding vote that Klorel should be removed from the host body. While there, she worked with Teal'c and came close to crossing the Nox pacifistic lines when she used her ways to hide one of the Tollan defensive cannons from being destroyed if the Goa'uld attacked the planet.
  • Ohper - one of the oldest of the Nox at 432 years old, Ohper had an affinity for eating tree sap. Although Daniel Jackson tried to get Ohper to teach him the Nox ways, Ohper explained it took much time for the young to finally learn.
  • Nafrayu - a child Nox who lived in the forest. Nafrayu was intensely curious about outsiders, befriending SG-1. He also directly approached the Goa'uld and was killed for his troubles. He was resurrected via the Ritual of Life and made a point to say farewell to SG-1 before they left.


  • The Ancients - the Ancients were part of the alliance at Heliopolis with the Nox
  • The Asgard - the Asgard were part of the alliance at Heliopolis with the Nox. Although still mentioned by the Asgard, it is unclear what the state of their current relations were
  • The Furlings - the Furlings were part of the alliance at Heliopolis with the Nox
  • The SGC - The SGC tried to form an alliance with the Tollan, but first contact didn't make a good impression and while the Nox were friendly to SG-1, they found them too young and too violent to have full formal relations.
  • The Tollan - Daniel Jackson introduced the Tollan to the Nox; the Nox were willing to give the Tollan refuge on their planet until retrieved by the rest of their people. The two peoples remained in contact with each other after Tollana was firmly established.


The Nox remained neutral in the war with the Goa'uld and hid themselves from any potential enemies.


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