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Col. Davidson


Col. Davidson is the current commander of the Odyssey, Earth's most advanced Daedalus-class spacecraft.

Character Biography

Col. Davidson became the commander of the Odyssey following the death of Col. Paul Emerson (10.09 "Company of Thieves"). His first known mission was to destroy naquadah-carrying cargo ships that were intended to attack Earth as part of the operations of the Illac Renin, a splinter group of Free Jaffa who followed the Ori (10.18 "Family Ties"). That mission was successful. His next known mission was to assist in the capture of Adria, the Orici of the Ori, so that she would command her armies to stop their crusade in the Milky Way (10.19 "Dominion"). Unfortunately, that mission was only partially successful as Adria died while in his crew's care and then ascended.


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