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The SG-1 team hatches an elaborate plot to capture Adria by using Vala as bait, but Ba'al has a sinister plan of his own which could prove deadly for all involved. Drastic steps need to be taken to stop him, but will Vala be able to do the unthinkable?

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In an alien tavern, Vala nearly gets herself killed by her fellow gamblers before her half-human, half-Ori daughter Adria appears and rescues her. When Adria asks what Vala is doing without her SG-1 teammates, Vala admits that she has lost their trust. After several SGC personnel were fatally ambushed while following a tip from Vala about an Ancient treasure, she fell under suspicion. Facing expulsion from SG-1 and possible imprisonment, she fled Earth through the Stargate.

By reading Vala's mind, Adria confirms that the story is true. She eagerly insists that Vala show her the location of the treasure. The moment they step onto the planet through the Stargate, however, they're surrounded by SG-1. The whole thing has been a setup to trap Adria; with Vala's consent, artificial memories of her falling-out with Stargate Command have been implanted in her mind by the Galaran memory device.

SG-1 barely has time to enjoy this clever victory before the Goa'uld system lord Ba'al unexpectedly beams Adria away to his ship. Frustrated, SG-1 resolves to reclaim their hard-won prize. They track down the location of Ba'al's mothership, race there aboard the Odyssey, and beam over. Dodging heavy fire, they tag Adria with a locator beacon and beam back to the Odyssey with her as their prisoner at last.

Or so they think. In fact, Adria is no longer herself: Ba'al has implanted one of his symbiotes into Adria. He now plans to claim her vast armies for his own. He offers to collaborate with SG-1 if they'll let him go, but they know better than to trust him. Instead, they call in a Tok'ra surgeon who attempts to remove the Ba'al symbiote from Adria and install a Tok'ra instead. Once in control of Adria's body, this new symbiote will order the Ori armies to leave the Milky Way galaxy forever. Just as the surgeon removes Ba'al, however, Ba'al releases a lethal toxin into Adria's body. The Tok'ra symbiote won't be able to survive the poison, and Adria herself will soon die, too.

As Vala somberly says good-bye to her unconscious daughter, Adria's eyes fly open. She may be near death, but she still has superhuman abilities — and a superhuman plan to save herself. As she locks down the Odyssey, SG-1 realizes that, once again, their prize prisoner is about to escape … and they'll be lucky if she doesn't kill them on her way out.

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Production Notes

  • Gateworld reports that the final two episodes of Season Ten are "Dominion" and "Unending". — Gateworld, September 29, 2006.
  • "My character [Adria] is really trying her hardest to convert the entire galaxy to her religion, sort of like a Nazi. But, she's got a fight ahead of her. It's interesting, the turn it takes at the very end is not what I expected when I was reading it, and I had to ask them 'what does this mean?' It'll be interesting." — Morena Baccarin, Underground Online (UGO) Interview, October 2006.
  • Adria and Ba'al don't "get a room" together, but there is talk of a cage. — Solutions Features: Burbank Con Report by Michelle, November 2006.
  • "The germ of Dominion came from our script co-ordinator, Alex Levine. He pitched an idea where Vala manages to lure Adria to a set location and we capture her. Unfortunately, she's taken away from us by someone who audiences are very familiar with. [...] The rest of the episode brings some closure to Vala's relationship with Adria and that storyline. There are some great twists that you don't see coming, some that Alex pitched, some of which came from me, and others I got from the rest of the writing staff. Will Waring directed this episode and did a fantastic job." — Alan McCullough, TV Zone Special #74, January 2007.
  • This episode was written after the cancellation of the show was announced, so Robert C. Cooper wanted to tie up a few loose ends. — TV Zone Special #74, January 2007.
  • Alex Levine, script coordinator, has the story credit for this episode, and shared with fans his experience in coming up with the idea and presenting, or pitching, it to executive producer Robert Cooper in his June 14, 2007, blog entry:
"This week on SG-1, you’ll see “Dominion”. And check the credits people, because this one was conceived by a young and talented, up and coming writer who goes by the name of …. (drum roll, please)… ME. Yup, the kernel for this one was an idea that came to me late last season, like a flash of light.
"The process of pitching is usually a bit gut-wrenching and this was no exception. The general rule of thumb is, the more people that are in the room when you pitch, the steeper the climb. It’s like threading six needles at once. So on this occasion, I ambushed Rob in his office, gave him the 25 word pitch and watched and waited. He was quiet for a moment, staring off into the distance. Then he said those four words every young writer is hoping to hear: “I don’t hate it.” A month later, after letting me spin my wheels on an outline for a while, he merged my concept into some other story ideas of Alan’s and set Alan to work on the screenplay.
"I really hope you like it. But if you don’t, definitely send your complaints to Alan. Kudos letters can be sent directly to me."

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