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Quetzalcoatl of the Giant Aliens


The Giant Aliens lived on P7X-377 in an alternate dimension. Only after someone was transported to their dimension via the crystal skull were they visible. The Giant Aliens appeared to be made of mist and could fly around like spectres. They understood and spoke both English and Mayan and considered the Goa'uld their enemies.

Stargate References

Giant Alien
The enemy of my enemy
Remembering Ballard

Dr. Nicholas Ballard accidentally visited the Giant Aliens in 1971. He was exploring a temple in Belize, Central America and came across a temple there. Inside the temple, he found a crystal skull. Looking into the skull's eyes, he was teleported to P7X-377, where he was greeted by the Giant Aliens, who appeared to be made of mist and flew around him like spectres. They greeted him with the Mayan expression: "Oo ya waaling waaling wey tayil, which means: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Ballard was too frightened by the experience to respond and closed his eyes. The Giant Aliens transported him back, and the temple was destroyed by an earthquake.

Thirty years later, SG-1 visited P7X-377 and entered the large temple where the Giant Aliens lived. Just as his grandfather Dr. Ballard had done thirty years prior, Daniel stared into the eyes of the skull. The skull activated, radiation levels spiked. Sensing the skull to be dangerous, Teal’c zatted it, rendering Daniel out of phase and invisible. Since the process was interrupted, the Giant Aliens did not appear to Daniel.

Eventually Daniel's teammates contacted his grandfather. Unbeknownst to everyone, Nick was able to see Daniel, but thought his grandson was merely a hallucination. Eventually Daniel figured out he could communicate through Nick and with his grandfather's help, convinced Hammond and his team they should return to the planet. Ballard took advantage of this opportunity to satisfy his lifelong quest and tagged along to the expedition.

This time, the skull shifted everyone except Teal’c into the alternate dimension. Teal'c returned to the SGC. Soon afterwards, several giant mist-shrouded aliens rose up from the depths of the temple. One fully formed into a humanoid form and identified himself as Quetzalcoatl. Daniel identified themselves as enemies of the Goa'uld. Quetzalcoatl welcomed them and accepted Daniel's proposition of exchanging knowledge and culture. The alien requested Ballard remain, recognizing the archeologist from his first visit to the planet. Ballard jumped at the chance to fulfill his life's work. Reluctantly, Daniel agreed, insisting his grandfather tell him everything later.

Notable Characters

  • Quetzalcoatl - was the Giant Alien who communicated with Daniel Jackson in both English and Mayan. After determining the group were enemies of the Goa'uld, he welcomed them. Quetzalcoatl recognized Nicholas Ballard from his previous visit to the temple in 1971 and requested he be the emissary to stay and exchange knowledge and culture with the Giant Aliens.


  • The SGC formed an alliance with the Giant Aliens based upon having a mutual enemy, the Goa'uld. They exchanged knowledge and culture.


  • The Goa'uld was named as an enemy of the Giant Aliens, but it is unknown what encounters the two species may have had.



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