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My Stargate Credentials

I saw the movie when it first came out on video, and thought it was an interesting tale. I first came across Stargate SG-1 in syndication since probably the beginning of season 2. Because of syndication station’s sports scheduling or my own life and timing, SG-1 viewing was haphazard. Some eps I saw multiple times, others I had never seen.

Then I got cable around season 7. I was pleasantly surprised to realize they were still making new episodes. Also, because of this sudden leap from syndication to cable, I only put it together Michael Shanks was no longer on the show about the time they were announcing he was returning, so I missed all that controversy. I caught up on the eps not yet seen by watching the ubiquitous reruns on SciFi. Even broke down and bought a dvd season set or two...okay, four. It’s the only tv series where I’ve bothered doing that.

Just was pleasantly enjoying the shows, oblivious to conventions and blogs and message boards, then 3/4 through Season 8, I got a bad bout of flu and started wandering around the internet. Discovered some of the stargate fan sites and became fascinated with this part of fandom. I dabble at fanfic (gen only, heh) from time to time. Beginning of Season 9, I mentioned helping out to Solutions with a transcript or two, so Michelle chained me to my keyboard, and here I sit. No, not really–I have become addicted to the wiki all on my own. The team here has been very kind and welcoming, and I hope the fans who explore the wiki find the information useful! I surely have.