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Maj. Henry Boyd


Maj. Henry "Hank" Boyd was the commanding officer of SG-10 and had been personally recommended for the position by Col. Jack O'Neill. SG-10 was on the planet P3W-451 in a binary system when one of the suns went nova and became a black hole. SG-10 ran as fast as they could to the stargate and were successful at dialing home and sending their iris code, but because time was distorted by the gravitional effects of the black hole, the SGC did not recognize the code and the wormhole disengaged. As part of their rescue protocol, the SGC redialed the planet to send a MALP, but found out the black hole was causing their stargate to remain open, resulting in a time distortion on Earth. Eventually they were able to divert the wormhole to another planet and shut down the stargate, but SG-10 was lost to them. (2.15 "A Matter Of Time")


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