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Hycroft Mansion location


Hycroft Heritage Mansion is a two-story, 30-room Edwardian mansion in an area of large, older homes south of downtown Vancouver. Both the exterior and interior locations were used extensively to represent Daniel's home in his alternate future dream in 4.17 "Absolute Power". The mansion is owned by The University Women's Club of Vancouver (UWCV), which restored it and continues to preserve it via a foundation.


Hycroft Mansion is located at 1489 McRae Avenue, off of a circular drive called The Crescent. On the left side of the cast iron gate at the entrance to the grounds is the address with the notice "University Women's Club". On the right is a plaque giving some information about the origins of the mansion. It was built in 1909-1912, used as convalescent hospital for war veterans from 1942-1960, and restored by the UWCV over five years in the 1960's.

For filming of the episode, various vehicles and armed men were stationed outside to represent Daniel's security force in three short scenes. Inside, several of the mansion's rooms were used, including a bedroom, stairway, foyer, dining room, and living room. The architecture, lighting, and decor added greatly to the mysterious quality of the episode, as it seemed very out of character for Daniel to be living such a lifestyle.


Hycroft Mansion
With iron gate

Photos, April 2009 — click to enlarge

Mansion through open gate
View through gate
Street sign
Informational plaque


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