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Katep of Ancient Egypt
Katep and his brother, Silatis


Katep was one of the Ancient Egyptians who befriended the time traveling SG-1 in Ancient Egypt of 3000 B.C. (8.19 "Moebius Part 1", 8.20 "Moebius Part 2")

Character Biography

Katep and his brother, Silatis, welcomed the future version of SG-1 when they traveled back in time to 3000 B.C. to retrieve a Zero Point Module (ZPM). They took them into their tent and served them dinner, and the next day, they led them to the temple where the locals were offering gifts to Ra. SG-1 stayed in the rear of the audience chamber as Katep and Silatis presented their chest full of jewelry. Ra was not pleased and had his Jaffa Commander kill Silatis on the spot with his staff weapon. Ra still accepted the gift and Katep and some of his friends carried the body of his dead brother out of the temple. From that moment on, it appeared that Katep and SG-1 joined forces as they began to plan the rebellion to drive Ra from Earth and bury the Stargate.

The first attempt at gathering the slaves into an army to overthrow Ra failed miserably. Some of the Egyptians were still loyal to Ra and they betrayed Jack, Teal'c, and Carter. Ra had them executed. Only Daniel remained of the original time traveling team.

Katep and Daniel planned the rebellion over the next five years, slowly building up their supplies of weapons and troops. They attempted the rebellion again and were successful at driving Ra from Earth, but Ra took the Stargate with him. Daniel chiseled a tablet written in a very rare version of hierglyphs and buried it where the Stargate should have been. Dr. Langford discovered the tablet in 1934. No one knew how to translate the tablet.

The tablet wasn't the only thing that was left to be found in the future. The time traveling SG-1 placed the ZPM and a videotape in a First Dynasty Tomb which Daniel knew was going to be uncovered in their original time, about a month before they left on their trip. In this videotape, SG-1 recorded all that they could to help the future know that they might have altered the timeline. An alternate timeline version of Jack, Teal'c, and Carter eventually saw this tape, used the timeship found buried in Egypt, and went back to 2995 B.C. before the rebellion (the Stargate was still operational) to help fix the timeline. Katep was there to great them, speaking in English, a language he had learned from the time traveling Daniel.

Katep and Daniel had planned a successful rebellion, but they needed to make sure that this time around, Ra left Earth without the Stargate. With the alternate timeline versions of Jack, Sam, and Teal'c, Katep and Daniel led the rebellion once again and this time, they were successful. The timeline was restored and, as a bonus, the ZPM was made available in the future for the SGC to use to form a stable wormhole to the Pegasus Galaxy where the Atlantis Expedition Team had been stranded for nearly a year.


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