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Goa'uld Morrigan

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Badb (Crow), Macha or Nemain (Frenzy). Morrigan means either Great Queen or Phantom Queen.

Presides Over

battle, strife, fertility

Personal Symbols

a crow or raven

Earth Mythological References

Morrigan is sometimes pictured as a triune goddess along with Badb and Macha/Nemain, though most often as a hooded crow. Another guise is that of the Washer at the Ford, an unpleasant fey figure seen by those who are about to die. She figures highly in several battle legends, choosing doomed soldiers and using magic to defeat the enemy's champions. She is believed responsible for the death of Cu Chulainn, son of the Celtic god Lugh, whose prowess in battle was legendary. She offered him her love, but he failed to recognize her and rejected her. Morrigan hindered him in battle and after his defeat, she settled on his shoulder in the form of a crow.

Stargate References

Morrigan was one of the System Lords present at the summit meeting to discuss the unknown Goauld who had been attacking them, later proving to be Anubis.


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