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The team encounters a planet with a society that has lived for centuries within a computer-controlled environment within a bubble. Outside, the rest of the world is a toxic wasteland. SG-1 offer the inhabitants relocation but they are strangely reluctant to move when everything they need is provided to them via their link to the computer core.

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When a MALP sends data back to Stargate Command from planet P3X289, the readings indicate that the planet's atmosphere is highly toxic. Major Carter and Daniel Jackson are intrigued when a large domed area appears on the MALP's display, and astonished when the device easily penetrates the dome and transmits a picture of blue skies, grass and trees. Suddenly, the signal is lost.

Because the planet's Stargate is outside the dome, SG-1 embarks on a reconnaissance mission wearing hazmat suits. When they penetrate the dome, Colonel O'Neill and the team find the MALP sitting on the grass in perfect condition and discover the air to be breathable. The team then encounters a little boy named Nevin, who leads them to a charmingly old-fashioned town where they meet Nevin's father, Kendrick. They next meet The Council: three men and one woman who tell SG-1 about the Link—a direct neural interface with the computer that controls the dome. Through the link, they can access thousands of books and data files. That is why the townspeople all wear small interfaces on their temples.

That night, unknown to anyone, the female member of the Council gets out of bed, dresses, packs up all her belongings and walks through an exit point in the dome.

In the morning Pallan, the caretaker of the dome's underground systems, shows Carter around. He has agreed to help Carter rig up a computer interface so she can download some of the amazing technology this civilization has to offer. Suddenly the screens change to streaming computer code while Pallan appears momentarily inert. The same thing happens to Pallan's wife, Evalla, who is helping Daniel translate the text in the old books, which were written before the Link made hard copy obsolete. But both Pallan and Evalla deny that anything strange has occurred. And, when O'Neill and the others offer the Council, now made up of three men, the opportunity to relocate from the dome to a planet with a breathable atmosphere, they politely refuse and deny there ever was a woman on the Council.

Carter notices a large drop in the dome's power-utilization figures on her laptop. But the readings on the main computer show everything's normal and Pallan detects no problem. O'Neill and Teal'c then discover that the MALP is gone. And Carter informs O'Neill about the power drop. If it continues, the dome will fail and everyone in it will die.

Other strange events occur: Evalla disappears just like the female Council-member did—and then Pallan, in all apparent sincerity, denies he was ever married. Kendrick, once eager for Nevin and himself to leave the dome with SG-1, now denies they ever spoke of it. Teal'c and O'Neill don their hazmat suits and go outside the dome, where they find the M.A.L.P.—which has never moved. They realize that the dome is shrinking.

When O'Neill and Teal'c return from outside they find the townspeople converging on them with hostile intent. Meanwhile, Carter is trying to convince Pallan to remove his neural interface. But he, along with everyone else has now been programmed to believe that removing the interface means certain death. Daniel finally convinces Pallan of the truth by producing written records that the dome once held more than 100,000 people—not the 1,373 it holds now. The computer is automatically deleting people from the population in accordance with its increasing loss of power while updating the townspeople's memories through the Link.

Pallan, his Link interface removed, patches into the computer and erases all memories of SG-1 from the townspeople's minds. SG-1, now free of the Link's interference, proceeds to evacuate the domed people to a non-toxic world.


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