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Jaffa Neith


Neith was a Jaffa warrior introduced in the episode, 7.10 "Birthright".

Character Biography

Neith was one of the leaders of a group of Jaffa female warriors who were secretly rescuing the female babies born to the Jaffa in the service of the Goa'uld Moloc. It was Moloc's intent to control the population of his Jaffa by killing all newborn girls by fire. When these girls reached puberty, it was necessary for them to carry a symbiote, else they would die. Neith was an accomplished warrior who raided her male counterparts for their symbiotes. When SG-1 introduced the group, under the leadership of Ishta, to tretonin as an alternative to their dependence on symbiotes, Neith was suspicious. She felt that the Tau'ri were trading them dependence of one kind for another. When her little sister Nesa reached puberty, Neith was bound and determined to obtain a symbiote to save her life, but Ishta wanted them to try tretonin. After their fellow-warrior Mala died in the attempt to transfer her immune system's dependence on a symbiote to tretonin, Neith challenged Ishta for her leadership position, but Ishta agreed with her that they'd get a symbiote for Nesa together. It was during the preparation of ripping the symbiote out of the pouch of a dying Jaffa who said that he "died free" that Ishta realized that they were killing their brethren who wanted freedom from the Goa'uld as much as they. Neith was injured in the raid and her symbiote was killed and Nesa had to persuade her that she needed to try the tretonin so that she could teach her to become a great warrior. Neith accepted the tretonin and survived.


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