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Jaffa Nesa


Nesa was a young Jaffa warrior who had been rescued from death in the episode, 7.10 "Birthright".

Character Biography

Nesa was rescued when she was an infant about to be killed in fire by the Goa'uld Moloc in his effort to control his Jaffa population. When Nesa was rescued by her older sister, Neith, she was about to be killed because her father discovered what Neith was doing. Neith killed her father in their escape. Nesa didn't need a symbiote until she reached puberty and her time was approaching when SG-1 met her. She bonded quickly with Daniel Jackson and he was able to discover that she did not wish to have a symbiote because it would mean that someone else would die so that she could live. Nesa felt it was her right to decide whether or not to take tretonin and she pursuaded Neith to take it in order to save her own life when she was injured during a raid to obtain a symbiote for Nesa. Fortunately, both Neith and Nesa were able to switch to tretonin and survive without the symbiotes.


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