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Maj. John Sheppard assumes command after the expedition's commanding officer, Col. Marshall Sumner, is captured by the Wraith. While the city of Atlantis rises from the bottom of the ocean, Sheppard must perform a deadly deed that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

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Using the six symbols Ford noted on the DHD as the Wraith flew through the Stargate, McKay attempts to locate the Wraith planet. But the MALP McKay sends through the Stargate ends up drifting in space. Weir won't risk sending a search party to their deaths.

On the Wraith homeworld, Sumner and the other captives are imprisoned within a web-like force field in the Wraith hive. Three Wraith come and take one of the Athosians away.

Back at Atlantis, McKay shows Sheppard a bay of spaceships he'd found earlier. Sheppard gives one a try and finds it responds to his thoughts. Plus it has a cloaking device. Now there's no excuse not to mount a ... reconnaissance mission. Sheppard, Ford and a team board the ship—which Sheppard dubs Puddle Jumper One, overruling Ford's Gateship One—and fly through the Stargate to emerge out an orbiting 'gate over the Wraith homeworld. Sheppard wonders where they should go from here, and the ship displays a target on the planet below. In response to his wondering how the team will find the captured party, a panel opens revealing a locator device that detects human forms. He thinks about a nice turkey sandwich, too, but that doesn't seem to work.

Back in the hive, Sumner is taken to a female Wraith known as The Keeper—who shows Sumner how she has drained the life out of the Athosian taken earlier. This is how this insect-human hybrid race sustain themselves. They have been feeding upon worlds in the Pegasus system for centuries, and have captured the Atlantis team because they trespassed upon the Wraiths' feeding ground.

Having landed, Sheppard's team plants explosives around the hive. Sheppard and Ford find Teyla and the other prisoners with the locator device from the ship. Ford calls it a "lifesigns detector" and Sheppard goodnaturedly reminds him not to name anything. Leaving Ford with the prisoners, Sheppard goes looking for Sumner. He's being interrogated by the Keeper, who uses a mental power to force Sumner to tell her he comes from Earth, in another galaxy, and that there are millions of people there—a rich new feeding ground in the Keeper's eyes. Yet through sheer will, Sumner is able to hold back Earth's location. The Keeper then puts her hand on his chest and begins draining the life out of him. He becomes an old man in seconds. Still, he won't give up Earth's location.

Sheppard, having heard Sumner's scream of pain, appears and puts three slugs in the Keeper's back and kills one of her two guards. But before he can take out the other, the Keeper lets out a scream and sucks more life out of Sumner to heal herself. Sheppard and the dying Sumner exchange a brief look of understanding—and then Sheppard puts Sumner out of his misery with one shot through the Keeper's hand.

Sheppard is subdued by the other Wraith guard and the Keeper is about to give him the same treatment as Sumner when Ford appears—having left his post at Teyla's request that he help his comrade—and kills the guard. Freed, Sheppard radios the team to light up the hive. Teyla and the rest are freed by a small explosive charge at the same time. Sheppard kills the Keeper by running her through with the long barrel of a Wraith weapon. But doing that has awakened the honeycombed hive of thousands of Wraith.

Back at Atlantis, McKay informs Weir they've been able to supply power to some parts of the city, and have already begun to find amazing things. But a preoccupied Weir is beginning to regret having allowed Sheppard to undertake such a risky mission.

On the Wraith homeworld, many Darts are launched. Sheppard and company escape the planet's atmosphere in the cloaked Puddle Jumper and find a dozen Wraith Darts guarding the orbiting Stargate. Sheppard de-cloaks to draw them away so he can double back. With the help of the Puddle Jumper reading his mind and taking out a Wraith Dart with a drone weapon, only three Wraith Darts remain on his tail. Ford dials the 'gate and enters his identification code (IDC). Weir orders the force field on the Atlantis side dropped. Sheppard comes in fast with the three Darts following him through the 'gate. The Puddle Jumper emerges in Atlantis, slowed down like an aircraft-carrier jet by some powerful magnetic field. Weir immediately orders the shield reactivated—and the three Wraith Darts crash into it and are destroyed.

Sheppard, now the ranking military officer, ran a successful rescue operation despite the tragic loss of Colonel Sumner. And while he helped make some new enemies, he's also made some new friends. Teyla promises him that with her people's knowledge of other Stargate addresses, the Atlantis team will make more.


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