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The team meets up again with Lucius and finds that he’s engineered an attack on a village, only to find that things have not entirely gone as planned.

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Hearing rumors of a great hero who defends a village from all enemies, Sheppard's team sets out to investigate. They quickly discover that the so-called hero is none other than Lucius Lavin, a jovial con man whom they've encountered before. With the help of an Ancient personal defense shield that renders him invincible to gunshots and other impacts, Lucius recently fought off a gang of ruffians who were menacing the village. Since his victory, the townsfolk have waited on him hand and foot, but time is passing, and some are getting sick of serving him.

Fearful of losing their adoration, Lucius secretly pays a gang of thugs to pose as another raiding party for him to defeat. When the thugs attack the village, Sheppard's team nearly guns them down before Sheppard notices that the raiders' weapons aren't loaded. Even after the team exposes Lucius's fraud in public, however, the villagers stand by their hero. Nothing can stop Lucius from getting his way — until, out of nowhere, a real raiding party invades the village. They're a group of outcast Genii in pursuit of the team from Atlantis, and they're led by Sheppard's deadly nemesis, Kolya.

To avoid bloodshed, Sheppard's team decides to hide until the Genii move on. Lucius, unfortunately, has other plans. He brashly confronts Kolya, trusting his defense shield to protect him. But as soon as Kolya realizes that he can't shoot Lucius, the brutal warrior threatens to drown him instead. Scared, Lucius confesses that Sheppard's team is in the village.

Kolya sets a trap for Sheppard with Lucius as the bait. Unable to abandon Lucius to death, the team tries to save him, and McKay, Teyla, Ronon and Beckett get locked in the town's jail for their trouble. Sheppard evades capture. His teammates know that he'll try to rescue them, but, taking no chances, they also urge the villagers to free them and fight for their town. The villagers, however, complacently insist that Lucius will save them.

Lucius, of course, is actually racing to the Stargate to flee the planet forever. Near the 'gate he meets Sheppard, who is planning to call for reinforcements from Atlantis. The 'gate, however, is well guarded by a Genii patrol. Worse, Kolya then radios Sheppard and demands that he surrender immediately — or else his friends will be executed. Unless Lucius and the villagers can find true heroism within themselves, Sheppard's team faces a grim fate.


Guest Stars

  • Richard Kind as Lucius Lavin
  • Robert Davi as Acastus Kolya
  • Dean Wray as Haemon
  • Meredith McGeachie as Barmaid
  • Adam Bergquist as Amaris
  • Jon Cuthbert as Fortnum
  • Ashley O'Connell as Fruit Stand Owner


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