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Sha're as host to Amaunet


Sha're was the daughter of Kasuf, sister of Skaara, and wife of Daniel Jackson. Her name was spelled "Sha'uri" in the feature film, but was changed to "Sha're" in the television series.

Character Biography

On the first mission to Abydos, Sha're was a gift to Dr. Daniel Jackson, intended to appease Ra. Sha're was in love with Daniel and too proud to tell her father and family he had rejected her. She taught Daniel to speak Abydonian and went on to both start and fight in the rebellion which freed her people. She became Daniel's wife when he chose to stay on Abydos with her, their year of happiness cut short when she was kidnapped by Apophis and taken by as a host by his queen, Amaunet. Sha're was hidden on Abydos for safety when Apophis impregnated her with his and Amaunet's child, a Harsesis who would have all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. This was strictly forbidden.

When Daniel and Teal'c were summoned to Abydos by Kasuf, Sha're bravely agreed to return to Earth and to be imprisoned to stop Amaunet from inflicting more harm. Their escape was prevented by the arrival of Heru'ur in search of Apophis' queen. Daniel delivered the child, hiding him with Kasuf for safety after making Amaunet believe that Heru'ur had taken him. Sha're returned to Apophis, willingly walking once more into slavery to save her beloved Daniel and his friends, fooling Apophis into believing she was his Queen Amaunet.

Later, Amaunet kidnapped a number of Abydonians to retrieve her child and was able to hide him on Kheb. Amaunet attempted to kill Daniel but Sha're was able to communicate with him through the hand device, convincing him to save her child and to forgive Teal'c, who saved Daniel's life and in the process took Sha're's.



Sha're and Daniel together on Abydos
Sha're is taken by Apophis
Sha're's first appearance as Amaunet's host
Daniel helps Sha're deliver her son
Amaunet uses ribbon device on Daniel
Sha're bids Daniel farewell inside his mind
Teal'c kills Sha're and Amaunet
Amaunet dies within Sha're
Daniel caresses Sha're after her death

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