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Goa'uld Thoth

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Tehuti (the measurer); Wep-rehewy (the Judge of the two opponent gods); the scribe of Maat; Techu, Techuti, Thaut, Thouth, Thouti, Dhouti, Zehuti, Zhouti, Djehuti. Identified with the Greek god Hermes.

Presides Over

The moon; patron of the arts, speech, heiroglyphics, science and wisdom.

Personal Symbols

Man with ibis head, seated baboon wearing the crescent moon upon his head, moon, ibis.

Earth Mythological References

Thoth was regarded as both the heart and tongue of Ra. As the moon god, Thoth was believed to take the place of Ra in the heavens during Ra’s nightly sleep, and Thoth is sometimes shown bearing the utchat (symbol of Ra’s strength and power). He is also said to be the one to question the souls of the dead about their deeds in life prior to weighing their hearts against the Feather of Maat.

Credited with writing the Book of the Dead, Thoth was believed by the ancient Egyptians to have invented astronomy, astrology, mathematics, geometry, surveying, medicine, botany and writing (heiroglyphics). He was thought to have been the first to organize government, and to create structured religion with rules for the worship of the gods. Thoth was the god of wisdom, author of every branch of knowledge, both sacred and mortal, the greatest god in the Egyptian pantheon.

Stargate References

While not actually depicted in Forever in a Day, the symbol of Thoth was present at Share’s funeral on Abydos. The scales on which the Feather of Maat rested as Share’s heart was weighed in the afterlife was witnessed by the figure of a baboon, mounted on top of the scales. In the Book of the Dead, it is Thoth’s duty to write down the judgment of all departed souls once they have been weighed. Daniel Jackson’s prayers during the funeral ceremony were directed to Maat and Thoth, though their names were never mentioned (3.10 Forever in a Day).

Thoth was a Goa'uld in the service of Anubis as a scientist. He worked on improving the Kull Warriors which Anubis had engineered to replace his Jaffa. Thoth was not only an expert in the development of the Kull Warriors, but also an expert in external probes. Thoth stumbled upon Major Carter, Teal'c, and Jacob Carter/Selmak as they had infiltrated Anubis' secret base on the planet Tartarus. He was not able to kill any of them and was killed instead (7.12 Evolution Part 2).


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