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Chapter 1



[Amongst a mountain range, near an ocean, a settlement exists on a wide plateau near the crest of a flat-topped, extinct volcano.]


[In the settlement, several Alterans go about their daily lives, shopping, working, living a simple existence.]


[A group of men and women debate in a cave. They are surrounded by books, candles, and various bits of machinery.]

ALTERAN MAN We cannot hide our ways any longer.

AMELIUS Nor should we. The Ori have amassed armies and move to destroy us. Everything we believe, all we are, is an affront to them. They will stop at nothing to destroy every last shred of evidence that opposes their fanaticism.

ALTERAN WOMAN We have no choice. We have tried to argue reason.

ALTERAN MAN We can fight. Use what we know to oppose them.

ALTERAN WOMAN TWO We are so few compared to them.

AMELIUS The Ark can change everything.

ALTERAN WOMAN Is forced indoctrination really the answer? You would deny the Ori the very essence of self. It is no different than the murder they propose.

ALTERAN MAN The only moral way to change someone's mind—make them see the truth, as you put it—is to present evidence.

ALTERAN WOMAN TWO We believe in the systematic understanding of the physical world through observation and experimentation, through argument and debate, but, most of all, freedom of will. I will not compromise the fundamental tenants of my devotion in order to preserve it.

ALTERAN MAN (to Amelius) We acknowledge the incredible potential of the technology of the Ark.

ALTERAN WOMAN TWO And the danger such power presents.

ALTERAN MAN It will not be used as a weapon against the Ori. The debate on the issue is closed.

[Amelius, disappointed, turns to the open Ark beside him. He closes the lid.]


Chapter 2


[Daniel looks at the large chest he has just unburied.]

DANIEL (turning his head toward Teal'c, behind him) Gimme a hand?


[Teal'c looks around then goes to assist. A bored Vala remains lying on a fallen slab, absently playing with something in her hand. Teal'c and Daniel carry the heavy chest out into the open.]

VALA Really think this is it?

[Daniel dusts off more of the cover of the chest with a brush.]

DANIEL Well, it's covered in Ancient writing. These symbols here are part of the oldest dialect I'm aware of. It says: "Safely kept is the...something of old."

[Vala sits up.]

VALA What's the "something", Daniel?

DANIEL Well, if I knew for sure, I wouldn't have said "the something..." (turns to Teal'c) Why am I answering her?

VALA Stop your yammering and open it.

DANIEL We can't just open it.

VALA Why not?

DANIEL Well, if this is what I think it is, it's a powerful piece of Ancient technology capable of making anyone who looks into it believe that the Ori...

DANIEL AND VALA (speaking together) ...are not gods.

DANIEL As far as we know.

VALA Well, we already believe that. No harm done. Open it.

DANIEL I said "as far as we know." There may be other things it's capable of making you believe.

VALA Maybe...we're supposed to believe those other things too.

DANIEL You know what? That's beside the point. There's another reason we can't just open it.

VALA Look at my hands, all right? They are raw and bleeding. I've broken every nail. We've been out here in the scorching heat for days. I haven't showered!

DANIEL None of us have.

VALA That is painfully obvious. Now, according to you, this crusty old chest is our salvation from oppression at the hands of the Ori army. Our best—and maybe only—remaining chance that we have. We've dug how many holes in the ground? Help me out here, Muscles.

TEAL'C Many.

[Exasperated, Daniel tosses his excavation brush aside.]

VALA Now, all the years the Jaffa were here, they knew that Dakara was the first landing place of the Alterans in this galaxy. You mean to tell me they never looked for Ancient artifacts?

TEAL'C There were a few artifacts that were excavated and catalogued when the city was being rebuilt. But with the constant change of leadership, little time, or manpower—

VALA (talking over him) Yes, yes, yes and blah, blah, blah. But here we are. Finally, we may have found it. The ultimate weapon. So could someone please explain to me why we can't confirm our blessed fortune by simply opening it?!

DANIEL Because it's sealed shut! It literally won't open.

[Daniel demonstrates.]

VALA Why didn't you say so?

DANIEL Well, I was trying to, but you wouldn't stop your yammering.

[Teal'c looks up at the sky, alert at some noise. Vala goes over the equipment and grabs a pickaxe, heading back towards the chest. Daniel stands and hurries over, wrestling with her over the tool.]

DANIEL Wait! No, no, no, no, no! You can't do that! I told you, this is a piece of technology. You could damage it.

VALA It's been buried for millions of years, Daniel.

TEAL'C Quiet!


MITCHELL (over radio) Hey, kids, guess what?

[Some gunfire can be heard over Mitchell's transmission. The three look up to see Ori fighters soar over their heads.]

MITCHELL (over radio) We are under fire.

Chapter 3


[Several fighters soar over the ruins, some dropping bombs below.]


[In another area of the ruins, Mitchell and Carter exchange fire with Ori soldiers. Both reload their clips.]

MITCHELL I do not remember sending out invitations to this party.

[They continue shooting. More Ori soldiers continue to arrive.]

CARTER We have to fall back!

[Mitchell nods. Covering each other, the pair make a controlled retreat.]

ORI SOLDIER Move ahead.

[The Ori troops advance, taking cover where Mitchell and Carter just were. Mitchell and Carter go through some large metal doors and rejoin their teammates. Teal'c and Daniel are already taking firing positions: Daniel stands by the chest, Teal'c by a standing pillar. Vala hurries over to where Mitchell crouches by a large stone block.]

VALA What are you doing? We have to go there!


CARTER There's too many of them.

VALA There's no other way out of here.

MITCHELL (through gritted teeth) We know!

VALA (to Daniel, gesturing at chest) How about now?

DANIEL Yeah, now works for me.

[Daniel puts down his P-90 and grabs a hammer and chisel. He starts working at the chest.]

[Daniel's chiseling can be heard from the other side of the doors where the Ori stand ready. The commander arrives.]

ORI SOLDIER Commander, we have them trapped.

[The commander takes off his helmet and tosses it to the soldier. It is Tomin.]

TOMIN (yelling to the doorway) Vala, it's Tomin. Throw down your weapons and surrender, and I promise you will all be spared.

[Vala looks bemused.]

MITCHELL (low) That's funny. (yelling back) I was just about to say the same thing.

[Vala turns back to Daniel making a "hurry up" gesture". Daniel continues to work at the chest.]

TOMIN Vala, you have to trust me. Your position has been targeted from space. Comply now, or you will be destroyed.

VALA (to Mitchell) I think we have to trust him.


[Daniel grunts with the efforts to pry open the lid and shakes his head. The chest isn't budging.]

VALA What if we got them to open it?

[Carter and Mitchell exchange thoughtful looks. Daniel, breathing hard from the exertion, also seems to consider it.]

VALA Well, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, would it?

MITCHELL (reluctantly) All right. Invite him in.

[Grim faced, Mitchell sets down his rifle and steps back.]

VALA (yelling to Tomin) Um, you can come in!

Chapter 4

[Tomin and the soldiers step forward.]

[Carter and Teal'c set down their guns. Daniel drops his hammer and chisel and stands up. Vala sets down her rifle and fluffs her hair with a pout.]

VALA I look like crap.

[Tomin's men enter and surround SG-1. Their staffs are poised to fire. Daniel sighs heavily.]

VALA (hopeful, to Tomin) Hi... how are you?...What's new?

[Tomin steps closer. Finally he gives a small smile.]

TOMIN What are you doing here?

MITCHELL (deadpan) Wow, we really are on the same page. Took the words right out of my mouth.

[Frowning, Tomin steps up to Mitchell.]

VALA How did you know we were here?

PRIOR The power of the Ori need not be questioned.

[Tomin steps back and bows down. The Prior strides in. It is the same one who used to be the Administrator of Ver Ager, and whom Tomin had previously questioned as to interpretation of the Book of Origin.]

MITCHELL Oh, here we go.

[Smiling, the Prior turns to Daniel.]

PRIOR Tell me. What is this artifact you have found?

MITCHELL Hang on a second. Shouldn't you know that already? Your logic.

DANIEL No, wait, wait. No need to be difficult here. You want to know what it is, I'll tell you. Inside this Ark is the secret to destroying the armies of the Ori, and I think the last thing you're gonna want to do is open it.

PRIOR You think I fear the contents?

DANIEL I—I'm saying you really should.

PRIOR Open it.

[Two soldiers step forward.]

DANIEL You didn't hear what I just said?

PRIOR Open it!

[The soldiers try to lift the lid, but it remains closed.]

ORI SOLDIER It's sealed shut.

[The Prior nods to Tomin. The soldiers step back as Tomin raises his staff weapon.]

DANIEL Wait! No!

[Tomin fires, blasting the lid to pieces. Cringing from the debris, Daniel lowers his hands and peeks into the chest. Tomin steps forward and reaches inside. Vala tries to peek from over Mitchell's shoulder. Tomin pulls out some scrolls that crumble into dust in his hands.]

DANIEL Okay. Not what I was expecting.

PRIOR Foolhardy are those who do not follow the path.

MITCHELL Anyone want to bet what he's gonna say next?

PRIOR Kill them.

MITCHELL Could've made money on that one.

[Tomin looks troubled, then walks to the Prior.]

TOMIN Prior. I gave them my word. If they surrendered peacefully, they would be spared.

PRIOR Your word? The word of the Ori is all that matters.

TOMIN (speaking over the Prior) The Book of Origin says that truth is the beginning of the path!

PRIOR Tomin, I grow tired of your questioning. Kill them now, or you shall burn in the fire of everlasting torment!

[An upset Tomin turns and raises his weapon to Vala and Mitchell.]

VALA Don't do it. He can't hurt you, Tomin. We trusted you. Trust me now.

PRIOR Fire your weapon!

MITCHELL You think he's testing you.

DANIEL But, really, he's forcing you to do it, because he's realized that, for some reason beyond his comprehension, he's completely powerless.

PRIOR (desperately) Kill them!

[Vala calmly faces Tomin, staring at him. Tomin finally lowers his weapon.]

PRIOR Kill them now! I command you!

[The Prior tosses aside his staff and grabs at Tomin's weapon. Mitchell takes advantage of the distraction and elbows the soldier closest to him in the face. He's able to take control of the man's staff weapon and shoots the Prior in the chest, then immediately raises his hands.]

TOMIN Stop! Do not fire!

[The soldiers stare around in shock and confusion. Mitchell slowly puts the staff weapon down. Raising his hands, he backs away. Tomin stares down in shock at the dead Prior.]


CARTER Here. I can show you.

[Carter, moving in a slow, unthreatening manner, goes to one of the team's packs and pulls out an activated anti-Prior device.]

CARTER We use this device. It temporarily neutralizes their abilities.

[Tomin stares at the Prior, lying dead across one of the fallen stone ruins, smoke still rising from his chest.]

Chapter 5


INT--SGC LEVEL 27 & 28

[Mitchell and Landry walk through the control room and up the steps to the briefing room.]

MITCHELL According to Tomin, the Ori crusade is planning to send a new wave of ships through the Supergate sometime soon. A coordinated attack on Earth may be imminent.

LANDRY That's a little non-specific.

MITCHELL Yes, sir. I suspect the Priors release details on a need-to-know basis.

LANDRY Shame you didn't find the real Ark.

MITCHELL Yes, sir. But not for lack of trying.

LANDRY No other useful intelligence?

MITCHELL Well, at the moment, Tomin is coming to grips with the fact that he's devoted his life to serving false gods.

[Landry reaches the top of the steps and looks through the briefing room window into his office. He pauses when he spots Marrick already inside reading a report.]

LANDRY Oh, great. What does he want?

MITCHELL Who's that?

LANDRY Come on in. You might as well meet him.


MARRICK General. Colonel Mitchell. I recognize you from your file.

[He waves the folder he carries. Landry opens his own file, looking uninterested.]

LANDRY Mitchell, this is James Marrick, IOA oversight.

[Marrick grins and puts out his hand. Mitchell shakes it.]

MARRICK I'm a huge fan, Colonel. It's a real pleasure to meet you.

MITCHELL (to Landry) What happened to Woolsey?

MARRICK Oh, his time was being taken up by the Atlantis expedition, which, quite frankly, I'm grateful for. It is a thrill for me to be here. You have been doing such an incredible job under such difficult circumstances. I don't think there's gonna be much for me to do here other than stay out of your way.

[Landry stops reading the file and finally looks up.]

LANDRY What do you want?

MARRICK I believe protocol requires me to notify you that I will be interrogating the prisoner personally.

MITCHELL What prisoner?

MARRICK I believe your report refers to him as Tomin. No last name.

MITCHELL Oh! Right, sorry. I, uh, I get confused. See, we were thinking of him more as...a guest.

MARRICK (chuckling wryly) Of course. My mistake. I trust the enemy commander hell-bent on our total annihilation has been given comfortable quarters?

MITCHELL Yeah. He's had a change of heart.

[Marrick smiles from Landry to Mitchell, then sidles closer.]

MARRICK Come on, Colonel. Don't all bad guys say that after we capture them?

[Mitchell steps forward, his posture aggressive.]

MITCHELL Actually, he captured us...and then he surrendered.

LANDRY And my people have already questioned the man.

[Marrick steps back.]

MARRICK I see. Look, I'm sorry. I really don't want to step on any toes here. My superiors have asked me to prepare a report on this matter personally, and I don't want to disappoint them--me being new on the job and all. You understand.

LANDRY Of course.

[He sits and reads his report, notably ignoring Marrick as much as possible. Mitchell leans on Landry's credenza, crossing his arms.]

MARRICK Thanks so much. I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to be working here with you. Actually, I used to do what you do, Colonel, so I know exactly how it feels. I'm sure you know I'm just trying to do my job.

[Landry slams his folder shut.]

LANDRY (in dismissive tone) Thank you, Mr. Marrick.

[Marrick glances over and takes the hint to leave.]

MARRICK General. Colonel.

[He leaves. Mitchell follows him to shut the door to Landry's office and turns back to Landry.]

MITCHELL He "used to do what I do?" What the hell does that mean? What's his background?

LANDRY Former CIA, black ops.

MITCHELL Oh, great. So, the IOA is having one of our own spies spy on us?

LANDRY (nodding) I have no doubt the IOA chose him carefully.

MITCHELL Why do I get the feeling we're gonna miss Woolsey?

Chapter 6


[Daniel and Vala speak with Tomin in his quarters.]

TOMIN The Ori are dead and gone?

DANIEL As we said, we don't exactly know for sure. We know we sent a weapon to the Ori galaxy that was supposed to be capable of destroying them.

TOMIN But not those that worshipped them?

DANIEL No. Not humans. Just the ascended beings.

VALA I know it sounds complicated, but the point is, unless we stop it, this holy crusade in the name of the Ori could end in a bloody mess for all humans.

DANIEL A futile bloody mess.

TOMIN And your hope is that this Ark will convince those that still believe in the Ori to stop believing as they do?

DANIEL In Ancient, it's called armeria verimas. Now, loosely translated, it means "the Ark of truth."

TOMIN I know I have no right to say this, it just seems wrong.

DANIEL (chuckling ruefully) Hey, I'm not saying it's right. Obviously, the Alterans didn't think it was morally right to use it, or we wouldn't be in this situation.

VALA (nodding) But compared to the bloodshed we may be facing...

DANIEL We think the Ark may be capable of brainwashing people to believe whatever it's programmed to make them believe.

TOMIN But how did you know where to look?

[Vala gives Daniel a pointed look and smiles sarcastically.]

VALA We didn't.

DANIEL That chest we found was obviously not the Ark.

TOMIN But, still, you must've had some idea.


[A chest opens, spewing forth a bright light. Merlin stands before it, bathed in the light. A mountain explodes, burying the chest.]


[Tomin looks skeptical.]

DANIEL I've had the vision several times.

[Tomin walks over to the chair, looking worriedly at Daniel.]

VALA Daniel shared his mind with a former Alteran named Merlin for a short time.

DANIEL His consciousness is gone now, but he was the one who helped me build the device that was sent to eliminate the Ori.

[Tomin sits and shifts uncomfortably.]

VALA We hope. We think that these visions might be remnants of Merlin's memories left behind intentionally to steer us in the direction of the Ark.

[Tomin laughs in disbelief.]

TOMIN And you think I'm crazy for believing in the Ori?

VALA Not crazy, Tomin. Just...wrong.

[Tomin seems struck by a sudden thought. He leans forward.]

TOMIN You've both read the Book of Origin, have you not?

DANIEL (nodding) Yes.

TOMIN (standing) Do you not remember the part about Ortus Mallum?

DANIEL You'll have to forgive me, I don't know it by heart.

VALA Oh. Uh, big book with fine print and not many pictures.

[She shrugs. Daniel and Tomin both look at her, then turn back to each other.]

TOMIN Ortus Mallum is the birthplace of all evil. The passage speaks of a mountain that erupts and buries the place where all evil once sprang forth. I only ask because you mentioned a mountain that explodes in your vision.

[Daniel considers this information.]

Chapter 7


[Amelius presses buttons on the Ark, beginning to activate it. The first Alteran Woman enters. Behind him on a shelf is an Ancient communication device, filled with communication stones.]

ALTERAN WOMAN Amelius, what are you doing? It's time to go.


[Amelius finishes setting the device.]

AMELIUS They have to know the truth.

ALTERAN WOMAN They will find nothing. All will be destroyed.

[She gently pulls Ameilus away. The code buttons darken with no further activation. Amelius pauses at the door and turns back.]

AMELIUS My notebook.

[He grabs a notebook filled with designs of a Stargate. He takes the notebook and leaves with the Alteran Woman.]

AMELIUS I had the most amazing idea last night.

[There is a rumbling.]


[Snow and rocks begin to fall away from the mountain. The top of the mountain shatters as an Alteran ship breaks through the surface. The debris destroys the village below. The Alteran ship flies into space.]

Chapter 8


[Carter stands in front of the screen, which depicts images of the Supergate. Teal'c, Landry, and Mitchell sit around the table, listening.]

CARTER While we think we could use the ZPM on board the Odyssey, unfortunately, it's nowhere near enough power to sustain an outgoing wormhole indefinitely.

MITCHELL I take it doing the whole Pegasus thing again is not an option?

CARTER The fact is, we were lucky to avoid the attack from the Wraith the first time. However, using the Odyssey, we believe we can beam four Mark IX nuclear devices strategically in between the Supergate's individual segments. Hopefully, undetected, they'll be triggered by any inbound gate activation. The resulting explosions should, theoretically, create a chain reaction that will essentially utilize the massive amounts of energy being channeled into the gate from the dialing galaxy to destroy it.

[While she speaks, the display demonstrates her theory, showing sabotage on four equidistant points on the Supergate being destroyed and leading to the other segments' destruction.]

[Daniel enters.]

DANIEL Don't blow it up just yet. We may still need that Supergate.

LANDRY Doctor Jackson?

DANIEL The Ancients didn't bring the Ark with them, sir. It's still in the Ori galaxy.


[Marrick fixes his file, his papers, and his microphone recorder in a precise and methodical manner. Tomin sits stiffly at one end of the table. When finished preparing, Marrick sits at the other end of the table, clears his throat, and clasps his hands in front of him.]

MARRICK Okay then. I just need to get a few things straight here for the record. Okay? It shouldn't be that hard.'re a commander in the Ori army.

TOMIN I was.

MARRICK Yes, was. (he chuckles.) Of course. So, your duties as a commander involved...?

TOMIN Following the orders of the Priors. Supervising the warriors under my command.

MARRICK Right. Good. See? No big deal. Okay. Moving on. In the time that you've been here in our galaxy, how many innocent human beings would you say you've slaughtered?

[Tomin stares at Marrick.]

MARRICK I'm talking personally here. I'm sure you didn't keep a running tally, so maybe you could just give me a general estimate. Hundreds? Thousands? More?

TOMIN What do you want from me?

[Marrick stands, agitated.]

MARRICK I just want you to answer my questions. And I have quite a few. They cover things like your plans, your tactics, your numbers, training, anything that might help us in defending against an attack that you say is coming!

TOMIN (starting to talk over him) I've already told the others all I know.

[Marrick leans over the table, inches from Tomin's face.]

MARRICK How many innocent human beings would you say you've slaughtered because they chose not to believe in the Ori?


[A troubled Teal'c watches the interrogation. Mitchell enters.]

MITCHELL Where's Vala?

TEAL'C She could not bear to watch.

MITCHELL Did you hear the plan?

TEAL'C Hm. Tomin wishes to accompany us. He believes he can help us establish contact with the anti-Ori underground. It may be, in fact, the best way to figure out where Ortus Mallum actually is.

MITCHELL Well, we can definitely use all the help we can get. Assuming, of course, the Ori are actually dead. Otherwise, this is gonna be a very short mission.

TEAL'C Indeed.

Chapter 9


[Mitchell enters Landry's office. Landry is at his desk. Daniel sits against one credenza, and Marrick leans on the other while reading a folder.]


LANDRY Colonel, I was just giving Doctor Jackson the good news.

DANIEL (with false brightness) The mission's been approved!

MITCHELL I thought it was already approved.

MARRICK Actually, no mission is approved till the IOA officially signs off on it.

LANDRY You've been given temporary command of the Odyssey for the duration of this operation.

MITCHELL (uncomfortably) Sir, does that mean I have to sit in the chair?

LANDRY That it does. And I wish the fun ended there.


LANDRY Mister Marrick will be overseeing the mission.

[Marrick shrugs and smiles.]

MARRICK Personally, I'm excited.

MITCHELL (with no enthusiasm) Yeah. Me too.

MARRICK Yeah, this'll be my first time on one of our battle cruisers. We'll see you on board, Colonel. Doctor Jackson, General.

[Marrick leaves.]

MITCHELL Can I confine him to quarters?

LANDRY (shrugging) It's your call, Colonel. One of the decisions those of us in command have to make.

[Mitchell glances over at Daniel, who avoids his gaze and fights a smile. Mitchell grimaces.]

MITCHELL Thank you, sir.

[He leaves. Daniel follows.]

DANIEL (to Landry) Thank you, sir.

[Daniel leaves. Landry half-smiles to himself after they're gone.]


[Odyssey sits in orbit above Earth.]


[Mitchell enters the bridge. Several of the crew are already there, preparing for the mission.]

MITCHELL Pre-flight.

MARKS We're ready to go, sir.

[Mitchell approaches the command chair and hesitates before committing to sit in it, adopting a pose like Captain Kirk of Star Trek.]

MITCHELL All right. Weapons to maximum.

MARKS (nonplussed) Sir?

MITCHELL It's a joke, Marks. Make it go.

[Mitchell waves impatiently. Marks presses some buttons.]


[Odyssey leaves Earth orbit and jumps into hyperspace.]

Chapter 10


[Tomin sits at a table, staring out the window at the hyperspace streaks. Marrick sits a corner table nearby, studying Tomin. Both are wearing SGC issue coveralls. Teal'c approaches Tomin's table with a tray of food. Tomin looks over. Teal'c sits. Tomin goes back to staring out the window. Teal'c glances back at where Marrick is sitting before turning to Tomin.]

TEAL'C Nothing I have done since turning against the Goa'uld will make up for the atrocities I once committed in their name. Somewhere deep inside you, you knew it was wrong. A voice you did not recognize screamed for you to stop. You saw no way out. It was the way things were. They could not be changed. You tried to convince yourself the people you were hurting deserved it. You became numb to their pain and suffering. You learned to shut out the voice speaking against it.

TOMIN (clearly moved) There's always a choice.

TEAL'C Indeed, there is.

TOMIN I chose to ignore it.

TEAL'C Yet you sit here now.

TOMIN I sit here...and I cannot imagine the day when I will forgive myself.

TEAL'C (intensely) Because it will never come. One day, others may try to convince you they have forgiven you. That is more about them than you. For them, imparting forgiveness is a blessing.

[Tomin faces Teal'c.]

TOMIN How do you go on?

TEAL'C It is simple. You will never forgive yourself. Accept it. You hurt others. Many others. That cannot be undone. You will never find personal retribution. But your life does not have to end. That which is right, just, and true can still prevail. If you do not fight for what you believe in, all may be lost for everyone else. But do not fight for yourself, fight for others—others that may be saved through your effort. That is the least you can do.

Chapter 11


[Odyssey exits hyperspace in front of the Supergate.]


[Carter and Daniel enter the bridge, Carter sitting at the starboard station.]

CARTER Okay. I think we're ready.

MITCHELL Dial it up.

[Carter does so.]


[The Supergate activates.]


CARTER Looks like we have a stable connection.

[Mitchell sits with his arms crossed.]


[Carter grins.]

CARTER What? Based on the intel Daniel provided when he was a Prior, I was pretty sure this was gonna work.

[Mitchell fights to keep his impassive expression.]

MITCHELL Yeah, I didn't doubt that, it's just, uh...Now that we're actually here, it's kind of cool.

[Carter laughs as Daniel glances over with eyebrows raised.]

MITCHELL Take her in.


[The Odyssey sub-light engines activate, and it moves forward. While the bridge crew watches, the ship enters the active wormhole, dematerializing ship and crew.]




[Daniel and Vala, both dressed in local costume and Daniel without his glasses, sit at a table in the tavern. Daniel sees Merlin sitting in a corner table with other people, watching him.]

DANIEL You see that?

VALA What?

[Vala looks where Daniel indicates. They both see an old man, not Merlin, sitting with others.]

VALA That old man? What about him?

DANIEL Nothing.

VALA Glad we had this chat. You okay?

DANIEL (distracted) Yeah, I'm fine. In fact, I get the feeling we're on the right track.

[Vala continues to watch Daniel and glance to where he's staring. Tomin approaches the table with Hertis. They sit.]

TOMIN This is Hertis. Hertis, this is Daniel. Vala, my wife.

[Vala gulps.]

TOMIN We are still married.

[Vala glances from Hertis to Tomin.]

VALA (sotto voce) We'll talk about that later.

HERTIS Tomin tells me you've not heard the rumor that the fires of Celestis have gone out.

[Daniel and Vala are startled.]

VALA Really?

DANIEL Uh, I assume Tomin also explained that we're not from around here.

[Hertis leans back and crosses his arms, nodding.]

HERTIS That he did. Still, I'm surprised. Such news would have spread far and wide.

VALA You would think. But perhaps Tomin didn't explain exactly how far away we live.

TOMIN The Priors have seen this as a sign that the Ori are not pleased.

HERTIS They say our efforts against the crusade of evil are not enough. That we must do more.

TOMIN As I told you, many more ships have been built. They are ready to embark.

HERTIS Tomin also tells me you seek the true location of Ortus Mallum.

VALA We do.

[She belatedly realizes she was too eager. Daniel refrains from glaring.]

HERTIS I'm curious. What makes you think such a place actually exists in the real world?

DANIEL You don't believe all that is written in the Book of Origin to be based on some true historical event?

HERTIS (sternly) What I believe is not the issue.

DANIEL You want me to tell you what I believe?

HERTIS No. I want you to prove it.

[Vala and Daniel smile.]

VALA Well, that we can do.

Chapter 12


[Hertis stares through the bridge window to see his planet below him. Nonplussed, he turns around. Tomin and SG-1 are all present.]

HERTIS There are ruins of a village high in the mountains that border the plains of Celestis. That is believed to be the location the Book of Origin references as the birthplace of evil.

DANIEL Well, it makes sense. The Ori followers built their holy city on the planet where they believed their gods once triumphed over the Alterans.

TOMIN Celestis is not on this planet, though.

CARTER Wh-you got us here. If we showed you a star map, could you direct us to the coordinates of the planet where Celestis is?

[Tomin shrugs and nods.]

MITCHELL We're talking about the Vatican of the Ori followers, right?

DANIEL Well, if the fires are out, then it's likely Merlin's device worked and the Ori are dead.

TEAL'C But the Priors are not.

DANIEL Well, we didn't come all this way to stop now, did we?

HERTIS Many times throughout history the ruins at Ortus Mallum have been searched by both the Priors of Ori and those that believe as we do. We have long searched for the artifacts that would prove the truth about our past, our ancestors, and the falsehood of the Book of Origin. Nothing has ever been found there.

[Mitchell and Carter exchange concerned looks.]

DANIEL That's good. Let's hope that means what we're looking for is still there.

TEAL'C (nodding) Mmm.


[Mitchell and Carter step out of an elevator. Marrick stands in the corridor, blocking their path.]

MARRICK Why was I not notified that you had someone onboard with new intel about Ori army activity?

MITCHELL Well, I'm sure I called for you. There was no answer. Oh wait. I may not have pressed the comm button all the way down. Wow, I must've looked stupid standing there talking to myself. Anyway, if you'll excuse us.

[Carter nods and smiles in agreement with Mitchell. They both start forward, but Marrick holds up his hand.]

MARRICK Colonel, I'm sure I don't need to remind you about protocol.

MITCHELL We are all going to find the Ark, Mister Marrick. It's just too late for you not to join us.

[Mitchell moves to one side, Marrick blocks him.]

MARRICK You were granted the use of this ship, the most valuable asset Earth currently has at its disposal, to prevent any further Ori ships from getting through the Supergate.

MITCHELL And that's what we're gonna do.

MARRICK (incensed) Do you or do you not have reliable intelligence that more Ori ships are about to leave?

[Mitchell turns and exchanges an annoyed look with Carter.]

MITCHELL Stay out of my way.

[Mitchell and Carter finally move past. Marrick follows.]


MARRICK Your instructions were clear, Colonel.

MITCHELL We're not there yet. (to Marks) Major Marks, new coordinates have been entered into the nav system. Take us there.

MARKS Yes, sir.

MARRICK You have no idea how much time we have. I am not going to sacrifice this mission, Earth, or our galaxy for some fool's quest.

MITCHELL (shouting) Then replace me! You have the authority. Go ahead. Replace me.

[Mitchell gestures to the chair. The bridge crew have all stopped and are staring at the exchange. Carter glares at Marrick. Marrick glances around, then backs away, sneering at Mitchell.]

[After he leaves, Mitchell breathes a sigh of relief. The crew return to their duties.]

MITCHELL (low, to Carter) You sure you don't want the chair?

CARTER Nooo. It's all yours.

[Mitchell sits in the chair. Carter comes over and grabs his shoulders from behind.]

CARTER Got your back, though.

[She pats his shoulders and steps back.]


Chapter 13


[Odyssey comes out of hyperspace and approaches the planet where Celestis and Ortus Mallum are. The ship cloaks.]


[The high plateau where the village was millions of years ago is now a thick forest.]

[SG-1 and Tomin beam onto the plateau.]

MITCHELL Any idea where to start?

DANIEL Not really.

[The group spreads out and begins to search.]


[Marrick heads to a door labeled: "WARNING Severely Restricted Access". He uses his keycard to enter.]

[He heads down another corridor and pauses in front of another door with the same sign. He uses his card and enters.]


[Marrick heads to the Asgard core and opens one of the side panels. A tray containing several Asgard crystals is exposed. He pulls out one of the crystals, then pulls out a crystal from his coveralls. His crystal has a computer microchip installed on either side. Marrick looks at both sides and places his modified crystal in the core.]

[The core activates. Marrick studies his watch.]


[Tomin stands at the edge of the plateau, looking out at the mountain range. Vala joins him.]

VALA You okay?

TOMIN I was thinking about what this place really was.

[In another section, Carter and Mitchell search.]

MARKS (over radio) Colonel Mitchell, this is Major Marks, come in.

MITCHELL (into radio) We read you, Marks, go ahead.

MARKS (over radio) Sir, someone has turned on the Asgard core.

[Carter overhears and stops her scanning.]

MITCHELL (into radio) What?


MITCHELL (to Carter) You really need to ask?


MARKS (into comm) According to the security access card that was used, it's Mister Marrick...


MARKS (continuing over radio) ...but the room is sealed, and he is not responding on the comm.

CARTER It can't be shut down remotely. What the hell does he think he's doing?

MITCHELL I don't know, but we better find out. (shouts to Daniel and Teal'c) Jackson! Teal'c! We gotta go. Keep looking.

[The two are searching another section of ground slightly uphill from Carter and Mitchell.]

DANIEL What's wrong?

CARTER Marrick's up to something. He's turned on the Asgard core.

TEAL'C That will alert the Ori ships to our presence.

MITCHELL Yeah, I think that's the idea. We got it. You guys...find the Ark. (into radio) Marks, transport Colonel Carter and myself back up to the ship now.

[Daniel continues to dig while Teal'c scans. Behind them, Carter and Mitchell are beamed away.]

Chapter 14



[Landry approaches Harriman's station. The Stargate is active.]

HARRIMAN It's SG-3, sir. Transmitting from P6X-437.

LANDRY On screen.

[Harriman activates the control. Reynolds appears on the monitor.]

REYNOLDS (over comm) General, a Prior arrived through the 'gate fifteen minutes ago and immediately made contact. Not...sure how, but he seemed to know we were here. He says he has no intention of harming us, just that he has a message to deliver to the leaders of our planet.

LANDRY (into comm) What is it?

REYNOLDS (over comm) Wouldn't get into it, sir. Says he'll only deliver it in person.

LANDRY (into comm) He wants us to let him through the 'gate?

REYNOLDS (over comm, nodding) Yes, sir.

LANDRY (into comm) And does he know this didn't exactly work out well the last time?

[Reynolds smirks and nods.]

REYNOLDS (over comm) More for the Prior in question than us, sir.

LANDRY (into comm) True.

[Reynolds shifts the MALP camera to show the Prior standing nearby. It is the one-eyed Prior who was on Tomin's home of Ver Isca and followed Adria during her search of the Sangrael.]

REYNOLDS (over comm) He's pretty adamant. Says the message is key to human survival on Earth. Says he knows that we have the technology that can temporarily neutralize his powers.

LANDRY (into comm) He does, does he?

REYNOLDS (over comm) Yes, sir. Apparently word that SG-1 actually killed a Prior is getting around.

LANDRY (into comm) Give us an hour to make the necessary preparations.

[Reynolds nods.]

REYNOLDS (over comm) Yes, sir. Reynolds out.

[Reynolds shuts off the connection.]


[Mitchell, Carter and group of guards are outside the sealed security door. Their key cards will not give them access. Carter starts to open the control panel. Mitchell keys the intercom.]

MITCHELL (into intercom) Open the door, Mister Marrick. Do you really think we can't bypass the security lock?


[Marrick shifts impatiently and checks his watch.]

MITCHELL (over intercom) Answer me, Marrick! You have put this ship and everyone on board in serious danger. Look, you know that activating the Asgard core will alert any Ori vessels to our presence.


MITCHELL (into intercom) I assume that's your plan—force me to take action against them. (keys off intercom) Carter?

CARTER (nodding) Almost.

[She continues to bypass the security system, then nods. The doors open and the guards enter, zats at ready. Marrick backs away from the control panel with his hands raised. Carter and Mitchell follow.]


[Carter plays with the controls, but they won't respond. She looks at the monitors.]

CARTER It won't shut down.

[Marrick crosses his arms over his chest, calm.]


CARTER It's creating something virtually. What is it?

MARRICK You'll see. I believe it's almost done.

MITCHELL What the hell are you thinking?!

MARRICK Unlike you, doing the job that I was sent to do--stop any further Ori invasion at all costs.

CARTER Well, how does getting us killed and this ship destroyed accomplish that?!

MARRICK Oh, I assure that, that's not the plan, Colonel.

MITCHELL Oh, really?! Because we're about to be surrounded by a bunch of Ori ships, so I figure we got two options. We can shut that thing down and hope to outrun them, or we can stay and fight and lose badly.

MARRICK And that's where you're wrong. There are always other options. You're just failing to consider them.

[At one side of the room, a platform is created by the Asgard computer. An object is beamed on top--a replicator. It is active, but behind a shield. Carter and Mitchell stare, shocked.]


[Tomin digs in an area. Vala studies a handheld scanner while walking near Teal'c.]

VALA Well, I hate to be the downer at this party, but this is hopeless. I'm not getting any energy readings. So, short of literally looking under every rock and stone on this mountain, I'm not sure what we're supposed to do.

[Teal'c steps closer, looking beyond Vala. She notices Teal'c's distraction and turns.]

[Daniel stands uphill from them, riveted at attention. He sees a shaft of daylight coming through the trees and a glowing, incorporeal vision of Merlin stands over a flat slab of stone before disappearing into the ground beneath. Daniel moves forward.]

VALA Or we could wait for Daniel to have another one of his visions.

[Daniel approaches the area where Merlin was.]

DANIEL (calling back) Guys, I think there's something here.

[Daniel looks at one of the many stones littered throughout this area of forest. The others approach. Daniel taps on the stone with his shovel. It sounds hollow and has sharp corners. They move the stone to see a passageway beneath. Daniel and Teal'c shine their flashlights into the opening, with Vala using the light on her P-90.]

DANIEL I think we're supposed to go down there.


[Carter rushes to the intercom.]

CARTER (into intercom) This is Colonel Carter. We need an ARG in the Asgard core room, now!

MARRICK Don't worry, Colonel. It's being contained by a force shield.

CARTER For now! If you knew anything about these things, you'd know nothing will hold it for long.

MITCHELL Do you have any idea what it finally took to eradicate these little buggers?

[Marrick nods and sits.]

MARRICK Exactly why it'll be so effective in neutralizing the Ori fleet.

[Carter spins to Mitchell, flabbergasted.]

MITCHELL That's your plan? What are you, totally nuts?!

MARRICK It's not my plan. It was the IOA's. (he sighs) In the event that the Supergate on this side was impossible to destroy, a backup plan was devised. We knew we could draw the Ori to the Odyssey by turning on the core. Yes, we might lose an all-out battle with a large number of them, but we'd certainly be able to hang in long enough to get this Replicator on board one of their ships, at which point, hopefully, we'll be able to escape. And since you were unwilling to even try to destroy the 'gate, you left me no choice.

[While Marrick speaks, Carter opens the control panel and finds Marrick's altered crystal.]

MITCHELL We came here to find the Ark.

[Marrick scoffs.]

MARRICK Nobody expected you to find it.

MITCHELL (stunned) Excuse me?

MARRICK The Ori ships are preparing to leave. For all we know, they're already gone.

CARTER Obviously, you didn't come up with this on your own. Who wrote this program?

MARRICK (shrugs and shakes his head) Does it really matter?

[A guard arrives with an ARG. Mitchell takes it.]

MITCHELL Thank you.

[Carter moves to the control panel.]

CARTER The ARG won't penetrate the shield. When I shut it down, don't hesitate and don't miss.


[Mitchell takes careful aim. Carter deactivates the shield. The replicator drops onto the table. Mitchell fires. The blast goes directly through the replicator with no effect. The replicator launches at Mitchell, who dodges out of the way. The replicator hits the deck and immediately takes off through the open doorway to the room. A guard fires his zat and Mitchell shoots the ARG again, both to no avail.]

CARTER Zats have no effect on them!

MITCHELL Neither does this thing.

CARTER (to guards) You need P-90s. Don't let it get away.

[The guards run out. Mitchell grabs Marrick by the lapels and shoves him up against the bulkhead.]

MITCHELL Why the hell didn't it work?!

MARRICK I believe that particular susceptibility was programmed out of this version.

MITCHELL You slick son of a bitch. Why didn't you tell us?

MARRICK You obviously had no intention of allowing me to follow through with the plan.

[Mitchell shoves Marrick again without letting go and tries to regain control of himself.]

CARTER If we can't stop it, it will cannibalize this ship and start replicating.

MARRICK I should hope so. And thanks to you, it's now the only way we have of infecting the Ori fleet.

MITCHELL And what the hell is the IOA gonna do when the Replicators finish with the Ori fleet, and they decide to take a little trip back through the Supergate?

MARRICK Precautions to prevent that scenario have been put in place.

CARTER (scoffs with disbelief) Self-destruct. You built in some sort of shut-down command into the programming.

[Mitchell finally lets go of Marrick.]

MARRICK I told you. It wasn't me.


[Mitchell roughly shoves Marrick into the brig and locks the door. Marrick rolls his eyes.]

Chapter 15


[Captain Binder arrives and hands Mitchell a P-90. Binder carries a much bigger machine gun.]

BINDER Sir, twelve teams of two have been armed and are searching top to bottom.

MITCHELL These things are crafty, Captain. They'll avoid any area of the ship exposed to internal sensors. They're small enough to use the ventilation shafts or to move through hollow walls, and it's only a matter of time before we could be dealing with more than one.

BINDER We'll find it, sir.


[Carter is at the controls. Mitchell enters.]

MITCHELL Carter, talk to me.

CARTER The Asgard core was designed to be very user-friendly. Whoever wrote this program didn't have to have an extensive knowledge of replicator technology. They only had to explain what they wanted to create, and the core filled in the blanks.

MITCHELL (moving to Carter's side) And?

CARTER Unfortunately, that means that the complete program exists only in the core database.

MITCHELL Which means that you have to leave the core on if you're gonna find the self-destruct command.

CARTER If it even exists.

MITCHELL (exasperated) How long?

CARTER I-I don't know. I'm trying to narrow down the search parameters, but it's huge.

MITCHELL All right, look, just forget about the fact that we're standing here screaming and waving our hands at the Ori. They probably already know our position anyway.

CARTER All right, let's jump into hyperspace. At least the Ori ships won't be able to attack us.

MITCHELL Yeah, but they can track us in hyperspace, and we can't stay there forever.

[Mitchell starts to leave.]

CARTER (calling after him) Look, believe me, if we don't find that replicator or this self-destruct command, "forever"? Not gonna be a big issue.


[Daniel shines his flashlight down the now uncovered steps into the ground. Teal'c does as well. Daniel starts down the stairs, followed by Teal'c, Vala, and Tomin.]


[The tunnel is clearly man-made, reinforced by stonework. But there is much debris on the ground and hanging from the ceilings. They begin to walk cautiously, their flashlights moving to illuminate the structure.]

MITCHELL (over radio) Hey guys, this is Mitchell. We're going to have to beam you aboard immediately.

DANIEL (into radio) Wait, you can't. Not yet.

MITCHELL (over radio) Yeah, well, Marrick activated the Asgard core, so we're expecting Ori ships around here sometime soon. Plus, we have a little replicator problem, so we're gonna jump into hyperspace to avoid the bad guys while we deal with it.

[Daniel and Teal'c stop short.]

DANIEL (into radio) I'm sorry, did you say "replicator problem"?

MITCHELL (over radio) Unfortunately, yes, I did.

[Teal'c and Daniel exchange looks.]


MITCHELL (into intercom) Major Marks, transport the team on the planet back up to the ship. As soon as they are safely on board, take us into hyperspace.


[Marks works at his station.]

MARKS Sir, I am attempting to transport the team on the surface, but the system is not responding.

[Marks's computer display shows many screen images flashing by very rapidly. The system is clearly not functioning correctly.]

MARKS (holding up his hands in frustration) I've lost control of the ship's computer.


[Mitchell and Carter hear Marks then walk to the Asgard control panel.]

CARTER It's plugged itself in somewhere.

MITCHELL That was fast.

CARTER Well, it doesn't have much learning to do. Everything about the Odyssey and its systems has been preprogrammed into the replicator's memory. I'm attempting to isolate life support, navigation, and hyperdrive command, and restrict it to the Asgard core. Hopefully, I can maintain some measure of control from here.

MITCHELL Right, I'm gonna go help find the damn thing.

[He rushes out.]


[The team stands still, waiting to be beamed to Odyssey.]

TOMIN What's a replicator?

TEAL'C You do not wish to know.

MITCHELL (over radio) Yeah, it's me again, your friendly neighborhood ship's commander. Uh, looks like you've got a little more time down there. We're having a bit of trouble with the beaming thing at the moment. I promise, you'll be the first to know...

[The signal degrades to static.]

DANIEL Okay, so... Onward.

[The being moving through the tunnel again. Some time later, they reach an area where boulders have completely blocked the tunnel.]

VALA What do you think, Muscles?

[Teal'c opens a vest pocket and pulls out a block of C-4 with a detonator attached to it. He begins to pull the tab on the detonator so it can be set off.]

DANIEL Wait, wait, wait! You can't! We don't know how stable this tunnel is.

TEAL'C Shall we turn back, then, Daniel Jackson?

DANIEL (after a moment) Bombs away.


[Mitchell moves slowly through the corridor, looking for the replicator. The corridor lights begin to flicker.]

MARKS (over radio) Sir, we have lost external communications array, and we are experiencing power fluctuations throughout the power grid.

[A door from the corridor closes on its own. Mitchell turns to look at it.]

MITCHELL (into radio) Yeah, I got that.


[The C-4 is set and the team is safely around a corner. Teal'c holds the detonator in his hand. He removes the safety and throws the switch. The C-4 explodes, sending dust down the corridor. Once the dust settles, a path through the previously blocked passage is revealed. The four move carefully through, in single file. They come to a larger chamber, the floor littered with stone and dead tree roots. Teal'c finds something of interest and points his flashlight at it.]

TEAL'C Daniel Jackson.

[Daniel comes over and kneels next to the object Teal'c had seen, and shines his flashlight on it. Teal'c moves a large rock aside, and Daniel clears a bit more. A large chest is partially revealed.]

DANIEL This is it!

VALA Oh, you're sure this time?

DANIEL Definitely. We found it.

Chapter 16


[The gate is active. Landry watches from the control room as Reynolds's team comes through the gate with the Prior.]


[The Prior stands with his back to the door. Landry enters and remains behind him.]

PRIOR You demonstrate great courage facing me in person, General.

LANDRY Courage is only required when facing that which you fear.

PRIOR (smiling) The flames of ignorance burn without pain. Beware the power, or it will consume you before you know.

[Landry stops right behind the Prior's shoulder. The Prior still looks away from Landry.]

LANDRY You can skip the fire and brimstone. If you're here to tell me that you're finally coming after Earth, I already know.

[Landry has now stepped in front of the Prior, still not facing him.]

PRIOR It is not too late. Allow me to deliver the message to your world that Origin is the way to salvation, and you will all be spared.

LANDRY (chuckling) I have to tell you, even if I did let you have your say, I don't think my world is gonna listen.

PRIOR Then you are all doomed.

[He finally turns to look directly at the Prior.]

LANDRY That may be so, but I don't think it's you that's gonna do it.

[Landry starts to walk out.]

PRIOR I would not be so sure.

[Landry turns around from near the doorway.]

LANDRY Really? What took you so long? Earth has to be the most densely populated planet in the galaxy. What are you waiting for?

[He walks back toward the Prior, then walks in front of him, still not looking at him.]

LANDRY Sure, you've tried to warn us a couple of times, but come on, you can do better than that, can't you? We've been a tremendous pain in your proverbial backside. You don't really expect me to believe that you-you've just been saving the best for last, do you? What's wrong? You guys are never speechless! (facing the Prior then walking past) I'll tell you what I think. I say this move reeks of desperation. You're not all that sure it's a slam-dunk.

PRIOR Your defenses are no match for the might of the Ori, which shall rain down apocalypse upon--

LANDRY Right, right. Now here's a news-flash, the Ori are dead. We killed them. Sent a weapon devised by an ex-Ancient through the Supergate and wiped them all out. (facing Prior again, emphatic) These beings you call gods, the ones who lied to you, manipulated you, for their own selfish, power-hungry reasons, are gone, and everything you think you're doing in their name is entirely without meaning.

PRIOR (turning to look at Landry) I was wrong. You are not courageous, General. You are without reason. Your planet will burn in all the depths of darkness.

LANDRY Oh, we'll see about that... There is one thing I do know for sure. If we're going to hell, then you're coming with us. (smiling falsely) You go ahead and burst into flames if you like.

[Landry walks briskly out.]

Chapter 17


[Mitchell is walking alone, slowly.]

MARKS (over radio) Sir, we think we've traced the problem to the rear auxiliary control room in your level.

MITCHELL (into radio) Copy that.

[Mitchell stops in concentration. He hears the telltale sound of a replicator's legs clicking against a metal surface. The replicator is climbing down a bulkhead wall right behind him. Mitchell turns and shoots it with his P-90, and it falls in pieces.]

MITCHELL (into radio) All personnel, this is Colonel Mitchell. Pleased to report I got it.

[Mitchell immediately hears the chirping sounds of replicators as well as the clacking of their legs.]

MITCHELL Oh, shit.

[He steps toward a junction in the corridor and sees many replicators heading toward his position. He fires on them, then turns and runs back toward a doorway. It starts to close, but he jumps through and lands on the deck beyond. the replicators try to pry the doors open. He fires on them, they fall, and the doors close.]

MITCHELL (into radio) Hey, Sam! They seem to be living up to their name. There's definitely more than one at this point.


CARTER (into radio) How many?


MITCHELL (into radio) A lot!

[The doors open and replicators start pouring in. Mitchell fires on them, gets up and starts running down the corridor.]

CARTER (over radio) The original has probably converted into a queen by now.


CARTER (into radio) The good news is that it's likely stationary. Other replicators will bring it raw material that it will then use to create new blocks. That's what you're looking for at this point... Cam? Cam!

[Not hearing a response, Carter is concerned.]


[Daniel blows dust off of the box they have found while Teal'c holds a flashlight on it and Tomin and Vala look on. The top has a dome in the center with red buttons arranged around it and a circular red crystal on top. Daniel pulls out an archeologist's brush and begins to dust it off, causing dust clouds to form.]

VALA (impatient) Daniel, for goodness sakes, stop fussing and just open it.

[She reaches toward it and starts to lift the lid.]

DANIEL Wait-wait-wait!

[He is too late to stop her. She has lifted the lid, which is hinged along the long side opposite her. After a moment, Teal'c lifts the lid the rest of the way. The box is empty save for some advanced-looking electronics at the bottom.]

TOMIN What was supposed to happen?

DANIEL Nothing. I don't think it's turned on.

VALA Maybe it's broken.

TEAL'C Perhaps its power source has been depleted.

VALA Well, it is millions of years old.

DANIEL (emphatic) I don't think it's turned on.

VALA Well, turn it on then!

DANIEL (slightly annoyed) I think...

[Daniel closes the lid.]

DANIEL It has something to do with these symbols.

[He indicates the dome structure on top of the box, brushing it again.]

DANIEL They look like buttons.

[He pushes a button. Nothing happens, but there is a rumbling in the cave, and some dust falls down on them.]

TEAL'C Perhaps we should examine it more closely on the surface.

VALA Good idea!

[They get up quickly and each take hold of the Ark and lift it together.]


CARTER (into radio) Cam? Cam, are you there? Please respond.


[A small group of replicators troop by a closed internal access door. After they pass, the door opens to reveal Mitchell. He looks around carefully then activates his radio.]

MITCHELL (into radio) Sorry about that, Sam. I ran out of ammo and had to hide.


CARTER (into radio) Copy.


[Four Ori warships approach the Odyssey and take up positions around her.]


MARKS (into comm system) Colonel, four Ori motherships on sensors. They're moving to surround us.


CARTER (into radio) Got it. Jumping to hyperspace.

[She approaches a console and enters the command.]


[As the motherships begin to fire, Odyssey moves off then enters hyperspace.]


[The team sets the Ark down on the forest floor. Daniel removes his pack as Tomin stretches.]

TEAL'C (into radio) Odyssey, this is Teal'c, come in.

[Daniel kneels beside the Ark and examines the "buttons" again.]

TEAL'C (into radio) Odyssey, this is Teal'c, come in.

[From nowhere, Teal'c is shot in the back, followed by more incoming fire from Ori staff weapons.]

DANIEL Teal'c!

[Teal'c falls over, unconscious or worse. Daniel unhooks his P-90 and dives for cover behind a boulder. Vala and Tomin find cover as well. Several Ori soldiers are now visible in the woods. Daniel and Vala return fire. Unarmed, Tomin picks up a rock from where he lies behind a boulder. Daniel and Vala hit a soldier or two, but there are many more. They look at Teal'c and then each other with sadness and concern, then return to firing.]

Chapter 18


[Odyssey moves through hyperspace.]


[Mitchell approaches Carter, Marks, and Captain Binder.]

MITCHELL I assume you haven't found the magic cut-off switch.

CARTER No. If the replicators are gonna come after the core sooner or later, I don't know why they haven't yet.

BINDER Consolidating their numbers?

CARTER Whatever they're trying to do, eventually, they're gonna want to take total control of this ship, and, in order to do that, (gesturing to Asgard core room) they're going to have to get into this room.

MITCHELL We should stop them from doing that.

BINDER I've got people trapped all over the place.

MARKS The replicators have locked down most of the elevators and bulkheads.

CARTER Trying to restrict crew movements.

MARKS They've also shut down systems over much of the ship.

CARTER It takes a lot of power to replicate. My guess is the queen has set up shop somewhere close to our main conduit.

MITCHELL (to Binder) Position all the personnel you have right here. Protect that room at all costs.

[Binder nods.]

CARTER We should probably weld the door shut.

BINDER You won't be able to get out.

CARTER If the replicators make it into the core, it's not gonna matter.

MITCHELL Do it. I'm gonna go find the queen.

[He starts to walk away.]


MITCHELL (calling back) Like grandma said, "You want honey? Follow the bees."

MARKS (to Carter and Binder) Sounds like a good way of getting stung to me.

[Binder leaves as Carter and Marks walk into the core room.]


[Marrick sits on a metal bench in his cell. He flinches as he hears a clattering sound, and look around, trying to find the source of the sound. He sees the shadow of a replicator cross the grated, translucent opening above his cell. He hears other sounds as well. Frightened, he gets up and goes to the door and slaps it with his hand.]

MARRICK Hey! Hello?

[There are more sounds, but no response.]

MARRICK Let me out of here!

[He slaps the door repeatedly.]

MARRICK (panicked) Anybody?! Help!

[The sounds are growing louder and closer, clacking and whirring. There is a hissing sound. He turns to see a spot on the wall melting away from acid. A hole forms and a replicator climbs through, then more and more. He is terrified.]


[Marrick screams in fear and agony from behind the door to the brig.]

Chapter 19


[A least four Ori soldiers lie unmoving on the ground. Teal'c lies still as well. No one else is near. Suddenly Teal'c jerks and moans a little. He grabs for his zat and pulls it from his holster, searching for any threats. He groans as he tries to sit up.]

TEAL'C Daniel Jackson! Vala Mal Doran!

[He pants for a moment, as if gathering strength, then reaches for his radio.]

TEAL'C (into radio, weakly) Odyssey, this is Teal'c. Do you read me? Odyssey, this is Teal'c. Can you hear me?

[He groans and pants and tries awkwardly to stand. He holds his wounded back very straight as if to minimize the pain. He gets to one foot but stumbles and falls forward, right next to an Ori staff weapon. He grabs it and uses it as a crutch to pull himself to his feet, grabbing a tree also. He begins to walk weakly and in great pain.]


[Five Ori fighters speed by on their way to the City of the Gods.]


[Two Ori soldiers drag an injured and barely conscious Daniel Jackson down a corridor that passes a series of barred cells. The structure is primitive and made of stone blocks. The shove Daniel into the empty cell. He grunts and falls to the ground, then rolls over to face the bars. His face has bloody scratches on it, and his glasses are gone. The Doci of the Ori strolls slowly down the hall and stops in front of Daniel's cell, turns, and walks in. Daniel is lying on the floor with his eyes closed, then he stirs and opens them, seeing the Doci.]

DANIEL (painfully) Oh, god.

DOCI Your gods cannot save you now, Daniel Jackson.

DANIEL Actually, that-that's just a statement of general dissatisfaction.

[He rolls away from the Doci.]


[Montage: Teal'c walks alone amidst high, jagged, snow-covered mountains. Grunting in determination and still using the Ori staff, he reaches the top of a small hill and begins to descend the other side. Sometime later, he descends a rocky slope. Mountains surround him. He walks along a steep ridge, then later on a rock outcropping and then to the edge of rocky hill with a nearly cliff-like slope. He stops and looks over the Plains of Celestis below him. He has climbed the last of the mountains and now need only descend to the plains.]


[A Prior stands in Tomin's cell, his staff alight and emitting a high-pitched buzzing and incoherent words. Clearly he is torturing Tomin, who appears to be in great pain.]

TOMIN (trying to pull himself up onto the stone bench in his cell) Please, have mercy!

[The torture continues. Tomin groans and cries out in pain.]


[Vala hears Tomin screaming nearby. A Prior is likewise torturing her. She grabs the bars of her cell with both hands and looks out through them with a look of great anxiety.]


[The Doci stands outside Daniel's cell. The jewel on his chest piece glows. He chants the words that have been transmitted through the Priors' staffs over and over while Daniel lies facing away. Daniel is in great pain, his face contorted, eyes bloodshot, but he also appears to be fighting the Doci.]

DOCI (repeating over and over) Enim lupin purnum pravus intus. Translation: Verily, the corrupted sinner will be cleansed from within.

Chapter 20


[Montage: A crewman is welding shut the door to the core room while others place a large weapons tripod on the deck. The run chains through the feet into the deck. Others pull guns from cases, and large cartridges of ammunition. A crewman bolts the feet of the tripod into the deck. Others bring over the large-caliber machine gun to mount it on the tripod. The welder continues. Men ready the gun while others open several boxes of ammunition. They load the belt of ammunition into the machine gun.]

[The welder finishes. Binder and his mean take their positions, Binder at the outer edge of the corridor. The sound of replicators reaches them.]

BINDER They're coming.

[He rushes back to his men. Six of them are now armed and ready.]


[Mitchell descends a ladder and opens a door into the corridor.]


[Mitchell hears replicators. He turns to his right and sees a troop of them making their way around a corner and down a corridor. He waits a moment then follows quietly. He sees flashing or pulsating lights in the room at the end of the corridor. He approaches it slowly. It is a cargo hold.]


[The replicator make their way behind a large octagonal door in the side of the room. A light from there flashes yellow at regular intervals. There is also a blue glow coming from the area. Mitchell sneaks in and looks from behind some barrels. A group of replicators leaves the area. Mitchell gets a look behind the large door. The queen is in the access tube behind the door, making more replicators.]

MITCHELL (quietly, into radio) Carter, I found it.


MITCHELL (over radio) It's in an access tube off Cargo Hold 3.

CATER (into radio) That's good. Now get the hell out of there.

MITCHELL (over radio) You don't want me to blow it up?

CARTER Not yet.


[The queen is connected into the power conduit running along the tube.]

MITCHELL (into radio) It's making more of those little buggers right now.

CATER (over radio) Destroying the queen will like draw any other replicators onboard directly to you. Not a good plan until we have a shut-down code.

[Mitchell holds a block of C-4 explosive.]

MITCHELL (into radio) Right.


CARTER (into radio) Besides, they're not coming after the core just yet. When they do, we may need the distraction to draw them away.


MITCHELL (into radio) Copy that.

[Mitchell puts the block of C-4 on top of a cargo box. He pulls the tape to arm it, and the electronic detonator on top begins flashing. He starts to head for the doorway back out to the corridor, but something stands in his way. It is Marrick, but he is not himself.]

Chapter 21


[Marks studies the Asgard code on a computer screen, in Asgard with a translation into English. Author's note: it actually appears to be graphics code to generate a web page for bill paying.]

MARKS This program is huge. It could take weeks to go through.


MARKS What if I miss it?

CARTER It's a base directive. It's like the one that tells them to replicate, only this one, when transmitted on a certain frequency, will command them to disassemble. It should stand out.

[Marks returns to work.]


[Mitchell slowly approaches Marrick. He raises his P-90, flashlight on, and shines it in Marrick's face. Marrick is much altered, his face wounded and misshapen. There is a large replicator attached to his back, its arms wrapped around his arms and shoulders.]

MITCHELL (to himself) What the hell?

[Marrick starts to advance on Mitchell. His steps are robotic. Mitchell fires on him. Marrick looks around to his back, but is unaffected. He steps forward, grabs Mitchell's gun, and throws it and him into a pile of boxes. Mitchell falls off the boxes and lands painfully on the deck. Marrick throws the gun away. Mitchell groans.]


[The hall is built all of earth-toned marble with red-orange trim. In the center, on a table above a pattern in the floor, sits the Ark. It has been cleaned up. Two Priors bring a weakened Vala into the room. There are lighted torches around the room, and muted paintings on the wall. At one end is a large oval with the Ori symbol in the center. The oval is filled with flames. The Priors bow down to the flames.]

VALA So much for the rumors.

[The Priors turn and walk out of the room. After a moment, the flames turn into Adria. She wears a red dress, and flames remain attached to her as she moves. The flames in the oval behind her go out. Vala sighs.]


[A mass of replicators approach the Marines' position, on the deck and walls. The Marines commence firing, somehow avoiding damaging the ship for the most part.]


[Carter is studying the Asgard core commands on a screen.]

CARTER Oh, no.


CARTER I asked the core to analyze the program, looking for the shut-down command. It says there isn't one.

MARKS Can we write one?

CARTER Already started.


[Adria steps around the Ark toward Vala. Her voice is distorted as she speaks.]

ADRIA Good to see you, Mother. Or should I call you Vala? I believe you renounced our blood relation last time I saw you.

[She begins to circle Vala and the Ark repeatedly as she walks and talks. Vala turns in her place to keep her back to Adria.]

VALA (tiredly) Seems you have no blood left to speak of.

ADRIA You'll be somewhat satisfied to know that Merlin's weapon did work. The Ori were destroyed.

VALA Really?

[Adria disappears and reappears in a different place in the room, then resumes walking in the circle.]

ADRIA Somehow, you and your simple human friends managed to destroy quite a large group of very powerful ascended beings.

VALA Well, we're a very determined bunch. I always say, you never know what you can do until you try.

ADRIA I agree.

VALA You don't seem too cut up about it.

ADRIA (smiling) No.

[She disappears and reappears on the other side of the room.]

ADRIA The energy transferred to the Ori by their human followers used to be spread out among many. Now that I have ascended, I get it all.

VALA If you don't kill us all first.

[Adria again disappears and reappears on the other side of the room.]

ADRIA It's a shame I can't use your little discovery to convince everyone in your galaxy to follow me. It would be much more humane.

[She laughs out loud, and Vala finally looks at her.]

ADRIA Not as much fun, though.

VALA Not wanting to give you any ideas, but why can't you use the Ark?

ADRIA It's just not the same. People need to be convinced to see me for what I really am.

VALA A spoiled brat with a god complex?

ADRIA (smiling) Now, mother.

VALA The Ark can only be programmed to make people believe what is true.

ADRIA Once the Ancients have been destroyed, I will be a being of unchallengeable power, worshipped by all those beneath me. A true god by any definition, wouldn't you say?

[Seemingly feeling better, Vala puts her hands on the Ark and looks at Adria with a vague smirk.]

Chapter 22


[Teal'c makes his way slowly across the muddy ground toward the city. He is sweating and it appears it is only his determination allowing him to continue. His steps slow and falter until finally he stops. He looks at the city in the distance, falls to his knees, and then passes out onto the muddy ground.


[Marrick advances on Mitchell.]

MITCHELL You know, I think we really... We got off on the wrong foot.

[Mitchell gets to his knees and pulls out his pistol. Before he can fire, Marrick moves his arm aside, picks him up, and throws him into a stack of metal barrels. Mitchell groans as he rolls back and forth on the ground. He now has a cut near his left eye. Marrick starts to advance on him again.]

MITCHELL Oh...who am I kidding? I knew you were an asshole the moment we met.

[Mitchell gets up quickly and rushes Marrick, slugging him once in the face. Marrick dodges his other blows, grabs Mitchell's wrist and squeezes it, then hits Mitchell in the ribs and grabs his arm. They fight for a moment until Marrick throws Mitchell to the ground. Mitchell has another cut on his face. He rolls out of the way when Marrick comes at him again. Marrick pushes him up against some boxes. Mitchell surges back and gets a punch in, then a few more before Marrick hits him in the face and he falls again. Mitchell tries to shake off the effects.]


[The Marines continue firing on the replicators. The large mounted machine gun runs out of ammo and the Marine turns to get more.]

BINDER (into radio) Colonel, we are running out of ammo here!

[He goes back to firing.]


CARTER (into radio) Cam, we could really use that distraction now.


[Mitchell is thrown hard against the wall. He gets to his knees.]

MITCHELL (into radio) Roger that, Sam. I'm working on it.

[Mitchell pulls out his knife and rushes Marrick. Marrick dodges the knife, grabs Mitchell's arm and flips him to the ground again. Mitchell twists away and kicks at him, gets up, and they trade more blows. Marrick flips him onto a low stack of boxes. He gets up and they they hit each other some more. Mitchell manages to plunge the knife into Marrick's right shoulder. Marrick groans and seems to be slowed down for a moment.]


CARTER (into radio) We're being overrun! You need to draw them away!


[Marrick pulls the knife out of his shoulder.]

MITCHELL (staggering) I'm on it, ASAP.

[He searches his pockets for the detonator. A few steps away, Marrick picks it up from the deck.]

MARRICK You looking for this?

MITCHELL Wow. Did I drop that? I don't supposed you'd mind flipping that switch and blowing us both up, would you?

[Marrick throws the detonator to the side then runs at Mitchell. Mitchell runs past him and slides to the deck to pick up his P-90. Marrick raises the knife and tries to stab Mitchell, but Mitchell holds up the P-90 as a bar to keep Marrick's arms away. They deadlock for a moment. Mitchell slugs at Marrick. Marrick pulls the P-90 away then throws Mitchell into a pile of gear bags. He rolls off and sees a small replicator right in front of him. Marrick grabs him by the leg and drags him backward across the deck.]

Chapter 23


[Teal'c lies face down in the mud, the Ori staff weapon beside him. The wound in his back is visible through a hole in his vest and clothes. An Ascended arrives and places her hand above the wound. She heals it. Teal'c wakes up immediately. Confused, he reaches for the wound, then gets up with a new level of determination on his face. He begins walking then jogging toward the city.]


[Vala stands at the Ark, her hands on it, as she continues her conversation with Adria.]

VALA Why do you need to take on the Ancients? Seriously. How many human worshippers do you really need? Can't you just live with what you have and be happy? (approaching Adria) I mean, my own mother used to say to me, "Vala, happiness is no something you can buy." Or in my case, steal. But I think the point is--

ADRIA They are a threat to me.

[Now they speak face-to-face.]

VALA From what I understand, they don't even care about you. They saw the Ori as a threat, and they did nothing about that.

ADRIA That's what you chose to believe. They gave you the means to destroy the Ori. They'll stop at nothing to destroy me. I will not rest until they are all wiped from existence.

VALA (sighing) I wish you hadn't inherited my determination.

[The flames around Adria's body increase. She turns and walks back into the oval, and it becomes full of flames again for a moment, then goes quiet. Vala huffs in annoyance, then hears a rumbling sound and turns around. She sees that some of the buttons on the Ark control panel are now lighted. It emits a humming sound then the lights go out. She looks around as if looking for the source.]


[Landry enters.]

HARRIMAN Sir, long-range sensors just picked up seven Ori motherships exiting hyperspace in our solar system. I have Colonel Ellis for you.

[From aboard the Apollo, Ellis appears on a video screen above Landry.]

ELLIS (over radio) General, we have visual of enemy contacts. They appear to be holding position, sir.

LANDRY For the moment.

ELLIS Yes, sir. Why do you think that is, sir? The weapons platform in Antarctica is incapable of defending the planet against seven Ori ships.

LANDRY So why are they waiting?

ELLIS Yes, sir.

LANDRY I don't know. Just be glad they're giving us a little more time.

ELLIS Sir, given how seriously outgunned we are, I don't see how a little more time really helps. What could possibly save us at this point?

LANDRY I was hoping SG-1 might show up at some point.

ELLIS Yes, sir.

LANDRY I'll tell you this much, we're not going down without a fight. Landry out.

[Harriman cuts off the connection to a dubious-looking Ellis. Landry leaves the control room.]


[The Odyssey exist hyperspace and comes nearly to a stop.]


MARKS (looking at control screen) We just dropped out of hyperspace.

CARTER That's funny. I was just thinking we couldn't get any more screwed.

MARKS The replicators took back navigation and hyperdrive control. (looking at a different screen) Four Ori motherships just appeared on sensors!

[They are rocked by weapons fire that throws Carter nearly off her feet. Two replicators drop from the ceiling onto the deck next to Carter. She picks up her P-90 and fires on them. She looks up to see many more coming through a new hole in the ceiling.]


[The Ori ships begin firing on Odyssey one after another. Its shields are up.]


[Marrick continues beating Mitchell, slugging or kicking him each time he tries to get up. Mitchell's face is very bloody, and his movements are slow. He shoves Mitchell up against some power conduits on the wall. He grabs Mitchell by the throat and chokes him, growling in anger. Mitchell reaches around Marrick and pulls the replicator leg out of the base of his skull. Marrick weakens for a moment then comes to his human self.]

MARRICK (pleading) Kill me.

MITCHELL Believe me, I'm trying.

MARRICK They did this to get the self-destruct code.

MITCHELL What is it? Tell me!

MARRICK I don't know. It's on the other side of the crystal.

[A weapons blast shakes them apart. Marrick steps back, and the replicator is back in control. Seeing this, Mitchell grabs one of the power conduits and pulls it from the wall. Marrick growls and comes at him. Mitchell uses the conduit like a spear and stabs Marrick, electrocuting him. Marrick is trapped by the conduit sending the charge through his body and the replicator is not able to stop it.]

Chapter 24


[Daniel lies on his side facing away from the bars. He is resting his head on his hand and appears to be asleep. The voice of Merlin is heard.]

MERLIN It's not over.

[Daniel opens his eyes.]

MERLIN Don't give up.

DANIEL You're not Merlin.

MERLIN I'm here to help you.

[Merlin sits in the glowing form of an Ascended near Daniel's feet.]

DANIEL (laughing sadly, his eyes closed) Then help me.

MERLIN You must find the strength.

[Daniel slowly opens his eyes then rolls onto his back with a groan. He is still wearing his black BDUs, but the jacket has fallen partially off his shoulders.]


[He starts to sit up.]


[He rests on one elbow.]

DANIEL No, I've had it. And, I'm really not in the mood for games right now.

[His voice is weak and congested as if he has been crying.]

DANIEL You're not a figment of my imagination and you're not... Merlin. (looking up at Merlin) You're Morgan Le Fay.

MERLIN You're delirious.

DANIEL Merlin died. He didn't ascend. His consciousness left me. It's--it's gone. The Ancients must be able to see through your disguise. I know I can, I just don't know why you think it's necessary.

[The figure of Merlin becomes Morgan Le Fay.]

MORGAN LE FAY You were once ascended. You know how complicated it can be.

[Daniel smiles sadly and a tear runs down his face.]

MORGAN LE FAY Interfering with the lower planes is not allowed.

DANIEL (still crying quietly) Yeah, I know. I did it myself more than once. Helping me is forbidden, and letting me know you're helping me, well, that's... worse.

MORGAN LE FAY (calmly) I did it once and they stopped me. I was exiled for it.

[Daniel rolls onto his back again.]

DANIEL Yet, here you are.

MORGAN LE FAY (sighing) Merlin saw the Ori for what they were. He knew they needed to be stopped. I was the one who prevented him from doing it the first time.

DANIEL You kept him alive. You helped us find him.

MORGAN LE FAY I realized he was right.

DANIEL The Ori were going to destroy the Ancients. (lifting his head to look at her) Now, whether they want to admit it or now, we saved them. (emphatic) I think we deserve the Ancients' help in return.

MORGAN LE FAY (nodding) So I believe.

DANIEL (pleading, crying) Then, then help us!

MORGAN LE FAY (sadly) I've done all I can.

DANIEL (crying, angry) No, you can do more. You can do much more and you have to!

MORGAN LE FAY Not on my own. She's too powerful for me.


[Realizing, he lies back on the floor. He sighs deeply]

DANIEL You mean Adria, don't you.

MORGAN LE FAY She took on the mantle of the Ori.

DANIEL Yeah, I was afraid of that.

MORGAN LE FAY She has their collective power.

DANIEL Then take it away from her!

[He leans up again to look at her.]

DANIEL And not just for our sake.

MORGAN LE FAY I've distracted her. I've helped you when you needed me. I promise you, Daniel, I've done all I can.

[As she speaks, Daniel starts to weep, his face contorted in hopelessness. He brings his hands to his head.]


MORGAN LE FAY You need only use the Ark on one Prior. The crystals in their staffs are linked to one another. It's how the Doci communicates with all at once. If you can turn just one of them, Adria's power will be greatly diminished.

[Daniel lies on the floor, his hands over his eyes, shaking his head back and forth, 'no'.]

DANIEL (desperately) How?

[He takes a deep breath and leans up to look at her again.]

DANIEL (intensely) How?!

[She disappears while he watches. A Prior walks slowly to Daniel's cell. Daniel falls back to the floor, hopeless. The Prior removes his hood. It is Teal'c.]

Chapter 25


[Mitchell stumbles along the corridor, bloodied and weak. He is carrying the C-4 detonator.]

MITCHELL (into radio) Carter, I hope you can hear this. The self-destruct program is on the other side of the crystal.]


[Carter and Marks are firing on the many replicators now making their way in.]

MITCHELL (over radio) The program for the self-destruct is on the other side of the crystal!

[Carter is barely able to hear him over the noise of the guns, but she does hear it the second time. She continues firing.]


[Mitchell hears slow footsteps. He turns to see Marrick coming at him again. He is clearly too weak to fight.]

MITCHELL Ah, hell.

[He pulls back the safety cover on the detonator and throws the switch. The explosion engulfs Marrick. Mitchell turns to run down the corridor. He is thrown by the blast and lands against the side of the corridor. He loses consciousness.]


[Vala works a large key into the lock of Tomin's cell. It doesn't work, so she tries another and another from the key ring she holds. One finally works. She enters and looks at Tomin, who is lying on the stone bench, facing away from her and not moving.]

VALA Tomin.

[She pats his shoulder once and again.]

VALA Tomin, it's Vala.

[He starts to move but doesn't get up.]

VALA No, come on, come on.

[She helps him sit up.]

VALA Come here.

[He nods at her. She puts her hand to his face. He looks exhausted and ill, his eyes rimmed in red.]

VALA Listen. Everything's gonna be okay, I promise.

[He closes his eyes. She presses her hand, and he opens them again.]

VALA Can you pull yourself together?

[He nods, then starts to close his eyes. She slaps him gently.]

VALA Good. Now I want you to help me find Daniel.

DANIEL I'm right here.

[Daniel and Teal'c are at the door to the cell. Vala huffs in surprise and pulls her hand away quickly. She looks at Daniel and Teal'c in question and surprise.]

DANIEL Are you guys okay?

TOMIN I don't feel very good.

[He and Daniel smile weakly.]

DANIEL Let's find the Ark.

[Vala nods and starts to help Tomin.]

VALA Come on.

[Daniel comes in and they help him up together.]


[Carter and Marks are still firing, and the ship is still under fire. Carter sidesteps to the control crystal drawer and opens it. She pulls out the crystal Marrick had put in. Marks shoots a replicator that was getting close to her.]


[Mitchell gets up slowly and painfully. He rests for a moment against a support structure on the side of the corridor. He sees something arising from what should be Marrick's body. It is a complex replicator shaped like the skeleton of a human. It stands upright and starts walking toward Mitchell. Mitchell looks back to see more regular replicators coming around the corner from behind him. He doesn't appear able to move.]

MITCHELL Oh, give me a break.


[Carter puts the crystal back into its slot, flipped around from the previous orientation. She closes the drawer and pushes the control crystal, then resumes firing.]


[The swarm of replicators slow and stop. Mitchell turns his attention back to the skeleton replicator as it walks toward him and stops just in front of him.]


[Binder and his team continue firing on the huge mass of replicators heading for them.]


[The skeleton replicator raises its arm in preparation to strike Mitchell. It suddenly stops. It emits a high-pitched whine, then disassembles itself, its blocks falling to the deck. The other replicators do the same.]


[All of the replicators fall into pieces to the deck.]


[Marks and Carter look on while blocks fall from the ceiling. The deck is nearly covered with blocks. The Ori attack continues. Carter rushes to the console.]

CARTER Shields are at eighteen percent. Hyperdrive is still offline!

Chapter 26


[The team enters while Vala speaks.]

VALA And then she just suddenly disappeared somewhere, as if she had something really important to do, and when I turned around, about seven symbols on the Ark were glowing.

[The reach the Ark and Daniel starts to examine it.]

DANIEL It was Morgan.

VALA Is she helping? Because if she is, I don't understand.

DANIEL (urgently) Which seven symbols?

VALA Uh, well you don't expect me to remember?

DANIEL With the fate of two galaxies hanging in the balance, yes, I expect you to remember the essential clue given to you by a powerful Ascended being!

VALA It's not that they were glowing for that long! It was more like a bright light, and when I turned around, I realized I was alone and went to look for you--

DANIEL (interrupting) Which ones!

VALA (gesturing at various areas of the device) Uh, one here, two here, two here, and two there.

DANIEL (frustrated) Did they come in any order?

VALA No, all at once.

DANIEL (sarcastic) Of course.

TEAL'C Someone is coming.

[Daniel moves around to the long edge of the Ark, near Vala. He and Vala are rushed.]

DANIEL Uh, okay, seven symbols.

VALA Just...make a guess.

DANIEL Verimas is uh, "truth" in Ancient.

VALA Good.

[Daniel begins to touch the symbols.]

VALA (gesturing) Two there.

[He finishes typing out verimas but nothing happens.]

VALA I guess not.

[Tomin looks at the doorway and sees it is the Doci who is arriving, walking slowly through the doorway. Daniel and Vala look at him in alarm. Teal'c fires at him with his Ori staff weapon. The Doci deflects the shot and uses his telekinesis to throw Teal'c across the room. Tomin approaches and the Doci throws him into a wall as well. The Doci stares at the Ark, Daniel and Vala with interest.]


[The four Ori ships continue firing on Odyssey. Some of the shots are passing through the shields.]


[The Bridge is dark except for the weapons fire light coming in through the view-screen. No one is there. Mitchell staggers in alone and makes his way to the command chair. He activates the communications control on the chair.]

MITCHELL (into comm) This is Colonel Mitchell of the Earth ship Odyssey. We surrender! Please, cease fire! Repeat, we surrender!

[The attack continues as before.]

MITCHELL (into radio) Sam? I don't think they're gonna stop.

CARTER (via radio) I'm not going to get the hyperdrive back in time!


CARTER (into radio) We can't take much more.


[The Ori oval at the front of the room alights with fire again. The Doci goes immediately to one knee and lowers his head. Daniel and Vala turn to see Adria corporealize. Tomin regains consciousness and sits up painfully]

ADRIA It's over. You can't win. There is only one path.

[Teal'c wakes up as well.]

ADRIA (raising her hands) The power and glory of Origin.

[Her words give Daniel an idea. He give Vala a look and diverts his eyes away trying to nonverbally signal Vala to distract Adria. Vala squints for a moment but understands. She turns to Adria.]

VALA Adria. I'm sorry. I wish things could have been different.

ADRIA Me, too.

[Teal'c reaches for his staff weapon. Daniel starts to push symbols on the Ark.]

VALA So, what are you gonna do? We're obviously never gonna agree.

[Adria looks at her with new interest.]

VALA Are you gonna kill me now?

[Teal'c aims the staff. Daniel pushes the last of the seven symbols. Adria realizes what he is doing and throws him into a corner. He falls to the floor. Teal'c fires his staff at one of the legs of the table holding the Ark. Vala moves out of the way. Adria looks on as the Ark falls toward the Doci. Daniel looks in amazement as the lid of the Ark falls open, revealing the contents. The Ark emits a beam of intense white light the size of the Ark itself. It engulfs the Prior's head.]


[The beam passes through the structures of the city and up into the sky.]


[The team react to the light and what they are seeing. The Doci is entranced by it.]


[A Prior is standing before a crowd. His staff alights and draws all of his attention.]


[Two more Priors have their staffs come to life.]


[The Prior on one of the ships attacking the Odyssey is entranced by his staff. The attack has stopped.]


[The Ark shuts off, leaving the Doci stunned.]

ADRIA (reaching out a hand) No! You can't take away my power!

[The Doci looks around in some confusion.]

VALA I think... we just did.

[Daniel rubs his injured shoulder and looks around, also confused.]

ADRIA You will all burn in the fires of eternal damnation!

[Teal'c stands. From where he sits, Tomin sees a white light coming from the corridor. It takes form as Morgan Le Fay.]

MORGAN LE FAY (to Adria) Not if I have anything to do with it.

ADRIA You're no match for me.

MORGAN LE FAY (smiling) I am now.

[Adria appears afraid. Morgan Le Fay suddenly loses her bodily form and launches herself as white ascended energy at Adria. Adria's eyes glow red, and she bursts into red flames. The two energy forms rush at each other and collide over the center of the room. They swirl in battle as the team looks on. Then they both disappear.]

DOCI (contemplatively) Mia clementia denar esto.

VALA (to Tomin) What? What did he say? I don't understand.

TOMIN He said, "Have mercy. I was blind, but now I see."


[Odyssey sits surrounded by the four Ori motherships. No one is firing.]


[Mitchell wakes up in the command chair, grunting, his face very bloody.]

MITCHELL (into comm) Sam?


[Carter and Marks are at the Odyssey control station.]

CARTER (into comm) Why did they stop?

MITCHELL (over comm) I don't know.


MITCHELL (into comm) But I'm glad they did... (pitifully) Owwww!


[The Doci is bent over, weeping. The others begin to gather near the Ark. Daniel holds his injured arm.]

DANIEL It was Origin.

VALA What was?

DANIEL The keyword that activated the Ark.

[Vala and Teal'c stare at him.]

DANIEL I realized while Adria was talking, the Ancient version of the word also means "truth" in older dialects. I guess the Alteran that built it must have thought it was ironic.

VALA You know, I'm starting to think that irony is very overrated.

[Daniel nods.]



[Landry and Teal'c enter the room where the Prior is being held. Teal'c is holding the Ori's staff.]

PRIOR Have you reconsidered?


[Landry turns to Teal'c, who steps forward to the Prior.]

PRIOR I do not understand.

TEAL'C Take it.

[He hands the staff to the Prior, who hesitates for only a moment before taking it.]

LANDRY We have something to show you.

[Daniel wheels in a metal cart with the Ark sitting upon it.]

PRIOR What is the meaning of this?

DANIEL See for yourself.

[Daniel opens the Ark. It has already been activated, so the white light emits from it. It causes the Prior's staff to light strongly. The Prior doesn't move.]

Chapter 27


[Mitchell sits up in a hospital bed reading a report. He has many cuts and bruises on his face. A nurse checks his chart and IV and then walks away. Mitchell drops the report onto his chest and closes his eyes with a sigh. Carter comes walking in, dressed in civilian clothing.]


[Mitchell shakes himself awake and opens the report as if embarrassed to be caught resting.]


[She puts a paper bag on his bed.]

MITCHELL How'd it go?

CARTER Worked like a charm. Daniel was right. The Priors' staffs did all seem to be connected somehow.

MITCHELL Within each galaxy.

CARTER Well, yeah, I mean, whatever subspace link connects them is obviously somewhat limited.

[As she talks, she sits on the edge of the bed, jostling Mitchell. He grimaces in pain for a moment.]

CARTER Still, when Daniel opened the Ark for the Prior that was here, everyone seemed to get the message.

MITCHELL The ships backed off?


MITCHELL Sorry I missed it.

CARTER How are you doing?

MITCHELL Eh, you know, I've felt worse.

CARTER (reluctantly) Well, apparently, when you're feeling better, the IOA wants to meet with you.

MITCHELL (leaning back) Uh huh, really.

CARTER (nodding) Mmm-hmm. Something about an apology.

[They chuckle.]

MITCHELL I don't know... my recovery could take a while.

CARTER Yeah. Not too long, I hope.

[She pats his leg without thinking.]

MITCHELL (in pain) No!

CARTER Oh! Sorry!

MITCHELL (rasping out the words) That's okay. I guess maybe that hurts a little.

CARTER (stepping back) I'll, uh, let you rest.

[She starts to walk out.]


CARTER (turning around) Yeah?

MITCHELL What's in the bag?

CARTER (walking back in excitedly) Oh! My god, I almost forgot. (picking up the bag and holding it out to him, smiling) I baked these for you.

[Mitchell opens the bag and peers inside. He laughs.]

MITCHELL Macaroons!

CARTER I'm sure they're not as good as your grandma's.

MITCHELL Nice recall.

[Smiling, she leans over to kiss him but stops.]

CARTER Cheek okay?


[She kisses him on the cheek; he closes his eyes for a moment. She leaves. He opens the bag with a predatory gleam, takes out a cookie and smells it, then puts his hand over his heart.]

MITCHELL (blissfully) Mmmmm.


[Dressed in his Ori soldier uniform and armor, Tomin looks at himself in the mirror, gravely. Vala is with him, sitting on the bed behind him.]

VALA You're going to make a great leader.

TOMIN (looking at her in the mirror) When I was being tortured by the Prior, the teachings of Origin gave me the strength I needed.

[He goes to sit beside Vala.]

TOMIN There are still so many things about it that mean a great deal to me.

VALA I don't doubt that there's morality and wisdom in it. That's what made it such a powerful lure for so many people. I think in principle, the idea of bettering ourselves, and seeking ascension in one way or another, (turning to look at him) is what it's all really about.

TOMIN (more hopeful) The book just needs some revision.

[They smile at each other.]

VALA Well, that's entirely up to you... and your people, though I might humbly recommend that the part about burning people alive for not following along should be the first bit to go. Perhaps throw in some color pictures.

[Vala smiles straight ahead; Tomin's expression becomes more serious.]

TOMIN You know, I have not asked this because I fear I know the answer. But now that I'm leaving...

[She looks at him, understanding.]

VALA I don't exactly know where my place is, but I hope it's here.

[Tomin is teary-eyed but nods.]

VALA (intensely) I'm sorry.

TOMIN I know I'll never make up for the things I've done, but I promise you, I'll spend the rest of my life trying.

VALA I know.

[She smiles, and puts her legs across his lap. She puts her arms around him.]

VALA So will I.


[Daniel and Landry are walking together.]

DANIEL I know I was the one who found it. I'm not entirely happy about the fact that we were forced to use it either, but I think it was better than the alternative.

LANDRY No one disagrees with you.

DANIEL But it is a very dangerous piece of technology to keep lying around.

LANDRY It's out of my hands, Doctor Jackson.

[They arrive at the elevator.]

DANIEL (emphatic) Okay. Let's say someone does figure out how to reprogram it, or worse, let's say, it falls into the wrong hands, it could be the more powerful weapon we've ever come across.

LANDRY I'm well aware of the risk, and so is the IOA.

[Daniel sighs and rolls his eyes.]

LANDRY For now, the Ark is being studied at Area 51. That's all I know.

[The elevator arrives, and the doors open.]

LANDRY I'm sorry, Doctor Jackson. I've done all I can do.

[Landry enters the elevator. Daniel looks around in frustration and walks away.]

Chapter 28


[SG-1 walks through the corridor together. They are geared up for a mission.]

MITCHELL It's kind of weird not having a big bad guy to fight anymore.

CARTER Yeah. That's how we felt when we defeated the Goa'uld... and the replicators... the first time.

MITCHELL Well, Jackson and Vala took care of that.

VALA That whole Ori thing was not our fault!

DANIEL Just take the blame. You get used to it.


[SG-1 enter.]

VALA We played a big part in fixing the problem.

MITCHELL That you did.

TEAL'C There are still many planets in our gate system that remain unexplored.

[They enter the gate room and gather at the bottom of the ramp.]

DANIEL Yes, let's see what mysteries P3K-546 will hold.

VALA And what treasure.

MITCHELL I'm sure something will come up. Walter, hit it!

[The gate begins to spin.]