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Witlow was an old acquaintance of General Hammond's. Hammond called in a favor to get information concerning the whereabouts of two stolen items: the second Stargate (found in Antarctica) and the Touchstone, the weather-controlling device of the planet PX7-941 (Madrona). Witlow arranged to meet Hammond in a park and asked that they walk while talking to throw off any listening devices, showing that he was a bit paranoid and concerned about the type of favor Hammond was about to ask. Witlow's job gave him access to the secret operations of the U.S. military organizations. He told Hammond about a requisition for a C-5 transport airplane which was needed for a secret pick-up at an airstrip in Southern Utah. This transport plane would be big enough to carry a Stargate. Hammond promised him that if the information he provided led to the recovery of the Stargate and the Touchstone, that he'd call them even. Since the Stargate and the Touchstone were recovered, Witlow was freed from his IOU, the circumstances for which were never revealed. (2.14 "Touchstone")


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