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A climate-controlling device is stolen from the planet Madrona and the SG-1 team is accused of the theft. Whoever took the device has the ability to disrupt Earth's climate. With Madrona wracked by storms, Jack and Daniel find a second Stargate active on Earth and the team's investigations take them to Area 51, the NID and Col. Maybourne.

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When a group posing as the SG-1 team steals the climate-controlling Touchstone from the planet Madrona, the planet's weather deteriorates, threatening inhabitants with imminent death unless the stone is recovered. Madrona's high priest Roham and his niece, Princess La-Moor, blame the SG-1 team for the theft. The SG-1 team make a disturbing discovery—the second Stargate on Earth, which had been officially decommissioned, was reactivated by high-level orders and used to steal the Touchstone. Now the weather device is on Earth and being used to manipulate the world's climate. When General Hammond discovers the whereabouts of the second Stargate, the SG-1 team races to it, determined to find the Touchstone before all of Madrona perishes, and to discover the hidden agenda behind the Touchstone's theft.

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