Writer and Co-Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi disclosed to fans on the Japanese Bboard to which he sometimes posts that “New Order”, the two-parter season 8 opener, will deal with the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu. In a follow-up post, he went on to provide the following tease about Icon: “If you like the Daniel character, then you’re going to one to check out an early season episode titled “Icon” in particular.”

At this weekend’s Creation Convention in Pasadena, actor Michael Shanks revealed that there will be romance for Daniel Jackson in Icon.

Daniel Jackson is trapped off-world, seemingly having become separated from SG-1. His situation is precarious – the arrival of the team through the Stargate has triggered religious conflict led by someone named Soren who believes the Goa’uld are benevolent gods.

When fighting began, Daniel chose to stay and try to help the people whom his arrival had so badly affected. The situation is growing worse, with another nation led by Minister Treydan ready to attack if Soren is victorious.

Daniel finds refuge in the farmhouse a woman called Leda, where he tries to contact the SGC via archaic radio. Despite the fighting that has broken out, Leda is convinced it was better for Daniel’s people to have opened the Stargate than the Goa’uld, but Daniel is not so sure.

It seems likely that Leda is the source of Daniel’s ‘romance’, alluded to by actor Michael Shanks at the recent Creation Con.

Guest characters include Leda, Soren and Minister Treydan.