S10 Spoilers: Casting a Villain

Stargate SG-1‘s newest villain will be seen growing before our eyes over the course of the season.

We saw Vala’s child while her mother still carried her in the last two episodes of Season Nine, “Crusade” and “Camelot”. At the end of “Camelot”, Vala watched helplessly as four Ori warships decimated the allied fleets of the Milky Way. As the battle, or slaughter, raged on, Vala felt the first of her labor pains.

As Season Ten’s premiere episode “Flesh and Blood” opens, Vala delivers her child, a daughter she names Adria after her own mother. Adria is a product of genetic engineering and possesses as much knowledge and power as her human form can accommodate. She comes pre-programmed with the Ori’s philosophy of Origin and their agenda — convert everyone into Ori worshippers or destroy them if they refuse.

Adria grows rapidly so that she can carry out the crusade as the Oracle (Orici). She is beautiful and charismatic, calling thousands to her.

Casting the part for Adria was a challenge because of her extreme intellect even at the early stages of growth. According to script coordinator Alex Levine in this SciFi.com blog, “Casting is an interesting part of the process… the producers have to make off-the-cuff, shoot-from-the-hip, spur-of-the-moment decisions based on an actor reading a couple of lines in a small room without the other actors there. But most of the time it works out great. For major roles, the producers often try to get “name” actors — people who they know they can count on for a larger performance. This gets fun, because you end up getting to meet established stars.”

Even at these younger ages, producers have managed to cast “name” stars for Adria as a child.

Adria at Seven

Jodelle Ferland, photo by Nathan Denette

Jodelle Ferland, born in 1994, has already had starring roles in film. Her latest project, Silent Hill, is set to be released by Sony later this month, April 21. Ferland has also had the starring role in Terry Gilliam’s Tideland and independent film, Swimming Lessons.

Adria at the age of seven is very articulate and kind to her mother. She knows that she is rapidly growing and calmly accepts it. She has an incredible appetite and eats the food placed before her by several servants, who also bring her new clothes. Vala is treated well by the people on the ship in honor of her position as the Orici’s mother. It is at this age that Vala gives Adria her name and learns about her child’s destiny. Adria tells her mother that she is the closest form of the Ori in flesh and blood.

Adria at Twelve

Brenna O'Brien, from Zixx website

Brenna O’Brien, born in 1991, has made appearances on other sci-fi shows, including The Dead Zone and Merlin’s Apprentice. She also is a voice actor, lending her talents to cartoons such as Inuyasha, Hamtaro, and Dragon Ball Z. O’Brien also played in the CGI/live-action series Zixx: Level Two as Meghan, a 12-year-old who is “solid, sensible and super-bright, with a clear-eyed vision of the world and a deadly deadpan wit.”

Adria at twelve is overwhelmed with the knowledge growing along with her. She sits in the dark, trying to reduce the headache which comes with the inundation. Vala tries to reason with Adria as they look over Chulak. Vala wants Adria to stop the slaughter, but Adria believes that the Ori’s cause is just, for if unbelievers continue to live, the Ascended Altera will grow in power and try to wipe the Ori out once again. The Altera, however, claim is was the Ori who had attempted to wipe them out and that is the reason that they fled their home galaxy those millions of years ago.

Adria finds out that Daniel and Vala are conspiring against her. She orders that Tomin, Vala’s husband, kill Daniel with his staff weapon. As he aims, Vala shoves Daniel out of the way and Tomin fires on her instead. Adria is horrified and rushes to her mother’s side and begins to heal her through touch. While Adria and Tomin are distracted, Daniel zats them both, but Vala isn’t completely healed. Vala insists that Daniel leave her and take Adria instead, but Daniel refuses to leave Vala behind. Their escape is blocked by a Prior and a wall of fire.

Adria as a Young Woman

Casting is underway for Adria as a young woman in her early twenties for her next appearance in 10.07 “Counterstrike”. The casting sides for this episode indicate that she will become a recurring character at this age. In his recent “Ask Ausiello” column at the TV Guide website, Michael Ausiello stated, “The show is looking for a “name” actress to play the recurring role of Adria, the rapidly aging daughter of Vala (Claudia Black). Not surprisingly, Adria will stop aging when her peer group includes the show’s desirable demo; producers are seeking someone in her early twenties.” According to the casting breakdown, the producers wish to have a dark-haired actress with “great presence.”

[Thanks to IMDB and Ecil for the casting information for “Flesh and Blood”]

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