Chris Judge: Men of Sci-Fi Calendar Coming!

Chris Judge was interviewed by Tony Tellado of Sci-Fi, who recently interviewed Michael Shanks as well. The interview was conducted as they were finishing shooting Episode 6, which was several weeks ago. The discussion ranged over his photography and the Women of Sci-Fi Calendar, Stargate SG-1, his friendship with Michael Shanks, and his appreciation of the fans. Of note is that they are planning a second Women of Sci-Fi Calendar and that Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica has agreed be in it.

Even better, due to fan demand, Chris and Michael, via their company Slacktwaddle, are moving forward with the Men of Sci-Fi Calendar, and hope to finish shooting it by early August! They will perhaps provide a preview at the Timeless Destinations convention. Let’s hope they’ve consulted the Solutions pollbooth as to what we want to see 🙂

You may download the mp3 file of the interview and listen for yourself. Visit Sci-Fi Talk to listen in.

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  1. Cool! And as both Claudia and Amanda were not able to take part in the first “The Women of SciFi” calendar due to their pregnancies, there is a big chance they will be in the second one! :)))

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