SG-1 Spoilers: More "Continuum" Set Photos

Excecutive producer Joseph Mallozzi has published another set of photos for the SG-1 movie Stargate: Continuum, which started principal photography May 22. Included in his selection are Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) striking various poses for Mallozzi’s camera and the bright and smiling face of Don S. Davis, who is wearing Lt. General George Hammond’s class A uniform.

Mallozzi also mentioned seeing Richard Dean Anderson, but no photo of him is present in the blog entry:

On my way back to the office, I ran into Rick. Yup, that Rick. He’s looking great and very excited to be back. As is always the case when we meet up, we spent a good part of the conversation discussing The Simpsons, and the upcoming movie in particular.

Mallozzi included one photo of director Martin Wood as he stood among playback monitors showing some interesting world maps that appear to be part of a war room.

And finally, Mallozzi unwittingly tried out a gimbaled set in which he managed to take a few photos:

Another short walk over to Stage 2 and I was just in time to watch them test the gimbaled set for Continuum. As they started her up, I took one giant step over and positioned myself facing a corner of the massive structure, assuming that in the unlikely event the sides dropped off, they would collapse to either side of me and I would be able to walk off relatively unscathed. I know, I know. Silly of me. It was all very safe in Wray Douglas’s infinitely capable hands. Nevertheless, I did experience a few seconds of sheer terror when they decided to test the thing – while I was inside. It tilted. It rocked. It shimmied and shook. My life flashed before my eyes. Martin and Paul, meanwhile, were casually spitballing a story which could make use of the magnificent set once Continuum was done with it.

To see these photos, visit Joseph Mallozzi’s May 22 blog entry.